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They have Tony consul in who's been very good. Kershaw has returned and Andrew heaney is about to be back too. But it is a bit concerning from a depth perspective out and of course her yes has a good ERA, but subpar peripherals has been quite Homer prone. She had that great season last year, but he has not sort of that so far. His most recent outing this weekend, I guess he threw on Sunday right. Today's Monday. And he gave up, he only gave up two runs. You have two solo shots, then he struck out ten, so it was like, it felt like a very 2022 Julio area's performance where it's like, this isn't bad, but it's not what you may be need if the other guys behind you are either injured or presumably going to run up against innings limits at some point because I imagine that the Dodgers would prefer to have Tony Gosselin in October and he will be pitching well past what he has thrown from an innings perspective, given the last couple of years. So it feels somewhat precarious. Yeah, I did see some people suggesting that maybe the playoff stream from last year when the Dodgers were using guys and relief starters and that was kind of criticized at the time and now RES is less effective and Bueller is hurt and Max Scherzer is hurt though he is no longer a Dodger. Right. And it's not an arm injury, but still, I don't know how much to make of that. There is extra mileage that gets put on pitcher's arms when they are on a team like the dashers that makes the playoffs and makes a lot of deep playoff runs every year. So that's something, I don't know whether we can point to those questionable or eyebrow raising instances of bringing guys out of the pen, which is, I guess, somewhat suspect just because of the results that we've seen like in theory and principle, I think it's seems like it would be a good idea, but it doesn't always seem to work out. I don't think it says much of a disaster as some people make it out to be either, but it seemed people drawing that connection. Don't know whether there's any real link there or not. I don't know. I guess I get it a little bit. I would be more inclined to think that it is just a general continued use thing rather than a particular usage thing. Especially with arius, he had prior experience sort of bopping back and forth between roles. So it's not like that was a new thing for him. I know the results weren't particularly Sterling, but I don't know. I would imagine additional mileage on the arm, sure, that I can see being something where you'd have knock on effects over time, but I don't know that I buy the using them sometimes out of a bullpen specifically. I mean, I guess they may be through more innings, but they also weren't very good, so sometimes they got pulled. Yeah, right. And we talked a little bit about Atlanta. They are still on a winning streak as we speak. They've won 11 in a row. And I wanted to just mention we got this email from Conan who wrote that I, as a beleaguered Phillies fan, couldn't help but become fascinated by their current run since Girardi got the boot. They're winning streak was snapped finally, but boy did it get snapped. Yeah. They lost big to DX team that was doing a bullpen day. Baseball. It's hard to predict. Yeah, so Conan, when he was writing, that was still active and he wrote after tonight's win I went to the standings as I wasn't sure how many wins they had rattled off. I come to find they are at 9 in a row to my surprise that's not even the best streak as the graves hit ten. They're up to 11. Now I then see the Marlins won their 5th straight, the nets are at two in a row and the mets yet to play at the time of this email one last night to rebound from Alaska previous Nate added up this is 27 straight wins for the entire NL east. Wow. Now I'm not one who goes to the standings more than once a week, so I'm not sure how common this is, but it struck me as quite good. At first I thought this is good, but not great, but even since we've gone to 6 divisions, there probably aren't that many days that go by where at least two teams in the division don't play, so the fact that all teams have one, their last game probably doesn't happen all that often, maybe a few times a year, and then to have three teams at 5 or more seemed a little special, so in the current division construct, what is the most consecutive games one where all teams had won their last game and I think we mentioned late last week that the NL central had lost a bunch of games in a row. So frequent step bus consultant Ryan Nelson, I won't make this into a full stat blast because it's kind of a quick answer, but Ryan researched this looked into the numbers and he found that at least at the end of a day at the end of play on any given day, the record, it's actually a tie for 23 wins in a row for a division. So this is going back to 1969 the start of the divisional era and it was entering this year I think a three way tie. So it happened may 5th, 1970 in the NL west, July 17th, 1982 in the AL east, and June 27th, 2008 in the AL central, all of those cases there had been 23 consecutive wins now for losses, the record is 25. In the AL west on July 17th, 1982, which weirdly is the same date as the corresponding AL east win streak that I just mentioned. Actually, I guess it wouldn't be that weird maybe because when division was winning constantly in one division was losing constantly. So that was the record for losses within a division 25 in a row. So as for this year, our listener Conan was correct, I think, that it was 27 in a row for the NL east. Now, Ryan couldn't crunch the numbers looking like within one day's games, like to see if a team had lost that day before another team won within the same division like looking at start time or end time or something he couldn't quite do that. But just looking at the end of the day, it does appear that this year's NL east has tied that again. So at the end of the day on June 10th, the NL east collectively had won 23 in a row so they tied the record, but then the mets last and that ended the NL east streak. But still, pretty impressive that this tide. So everyone in the NL east was winning and it's not that the mets have been bad..

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