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You look it brady how do you compare him to to joe montana in particular what you see joe montana a cool if the uh the composure of of a quarterback to lead by example and if their time on the clock and moldable out feel and we're football game uh to compare to to uh you know it was a whole different air back in the day because i you know because today quarterback or protective more you know back in a day uh you know i i think uh you know those guys could beat up on a quarterback just a little bit more not taking anything away from tom brady uh you know i i feel like the game should uh uh try to be at peace should be a little bit faith for now and and protect players but you know a whole different arrowed in uh but two great quarterback tom brady is going for ring number six uh you can't uh say anything about daddy is that you know that's just exceptional we're speaking with great jerry rice arguably the greatest player ever in the annals it's bummed you talk about how the rules of cheese we're talking about now although this year saw a slight reversal of the trend but we're talking about generally in the nfl now it a passing league um a where you know the running backs are considered either expendable or you know they're they're only there for deceptive purposes but it all comes down to the ball in the air if you're playing in this era ju i mean can even imagine what what what kind of numbers you would have a cycle three come true what would be recess man to play in this era and uh with the ball being in the air because uh when i when i play the game you only uh have so many touches and uh if you got maybe four or five touches in in a ball game on this is just one of those days where they can't cover you and you might end up catching ten balls uh you don't get that many opportunity so uh but you know in into today's league now uh uh to be able to run ralston and get stuff ovation catch the football and and and another thing with receivers they fear more protective now uh dan when i play because if the ball was not coming tomasz by.

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