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G. white women talking a little bit about the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo eleven moon landing which is coming up next weekend and I think no doubt we can all agree that if you were there at the time it's one of those things that you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing that's right you know now I am it would now I was thirteen back then and I remember I was at my my brother's house they lived just down the street from us they had a color TV well in nineteen sixty nine okay so it was the players in black and white though but the pictures that came from the moon were in black and white but at least Walter Cronkite so but yes I do it again it is one of those things that like I said if you were if you were there at the time certainly remember what you were doing now there's a lot of events going on you know this coming weekend I Neil Armstrong's birthplace Wapakoneta Ohio which is not too far saying Wapakoneta Ohio U. what no it's not too far from the town where I grew up where was that looking at a Tiffin Ohio a tiff and what okay that is not not all that far away okay so there will be a lot of festivities there up in Connecticut what looking at it that's the name of the town yeah Huntsville Alabama where the Saturn five rocket they will be doing a rocket city events of this next coming weekend US space and rocket center they're actually going for a world record by trying to launch five thousand model rockets this is going to be at the a U. S. space and rocket center I would love to see that for bad time yeah might become a viral video we don't know yet thank you yeah that's that's just asking I think for things to go very very wrong so we are we're talking this morning to the dean of the school of science at RPI about the about a man that you might not have a I have heard of or might not remember George Lowe was the president of our P. I. R. from nineteen seventy six until he died in nineteen eighty four he actually directed the Apollo program after the Apollo one disaster in which three astronauts were killed in a fire on the launch pad and we're going to be talking to a dean Brennaman about that in just a couple of minutes now another fiftieth anniversary is also coming up and that to this one let's just let it go no it just it it isn't going to work what stock fifty yeah **** we've been reporting on this is like okay it's it's dead no it's still alive I know it's dad no it's they're really gonna do it it's going to happen is going to happen no it's not going to happen well just look let's just let it go okay I'm with you for whatever reason they have what they were at the latest the first thing they were going to do is they were going to have it at the the race track and Watkins Glen then the financial people pulled out then walk ins gland said no we do not gonna do it at Watkins Glen I gonna do with the race track then they came up with the idea they're gonna have a burning down now Vernon has said no we're not going to do it but they can appeal the denial but just let it out really let it die the not the the line up that I saw was pretty good right I mean they were they were they will look like there were some you know even I knew some most of the acts that we're going to appear it was a great music as well as some of the originals Carlos Santana thinker instance okay was was set to appear at Woodstock fifty but he's still around yes Hey I'm young I I I know that's alright young and naive don't conversation Zach satellite out of it but I I mean I think it's really just time to let this one go because it's just yeah please you've tried the trial nice try Michael Michael Lang the the project the promoter you tried never mind now that you've got for love sports coming up at eleven AM this morning on our sister station foxsports nine eighty you're talking about the A. F. C. east I will be breaking down all four teams and my predictions for them as well as the Chris Paul to the thunder trade that got Westbrook to James harden no you're not I thank you it didn't sound like we're talking off your tinsel like you were too crazy about that trade and I think it's big and stature not so much in actual play getting back to the A. F. C. east that's you know it's really one of the big questions the the NFL is facing this year is top can Tom Brady does he have another year or two left in them is he gonna start slowing down we all know he's a hall of Famer blah blah Tom Brady this is really that but does he still have enough left to get through another season or two I think he's got one more title run and I'm I don't know if they get another Superbowl but I think he definitely has one more title run in and try your you're an eagles fan so obviously it now with with Nick Foles maleic with it well and not tell you what I don't know with Nick Foles now in Jacksonville and Carson Wentz he hasn't really only have but I think one full year in which he's been healthy yeah that was his rookie year and after that he's had injuries that ended his season the last two years so we'll see I mean I mean even Kelly's been sitting here on you know in a week in the mornings you know with shock and like all yeah Carson Wentz is my guy might like Carson Wentz hasn't been all that healthy Carson Wentz when healthy is an elite talent and will eventually be an elite quarterback so the big question everybody before we go to break the big question everybody the Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns lot of excitement about the Browns coming in with Baker may feel no del back in junior so there's a lot of talent there but they have a brand new head coach when I mean brand new this guy's never coached at any level lessons Cleveland and yep and Freddie kitchens had this little spark for eight games with Baker Mayfield which elevated him to head coach now he has to deal with personalities the officers side and the defense of side something never done so let's see how that goes Larry Allen lots of drama yep nine forty six when we come back part two of our conversation with dean Kurt Brennaman from RPI after.

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