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News alabama senate candidate roy more again denying claims of inappropriate contact with a minor decades ago and vowing he will not quit the senate race with the latest fox's jill nato live republican leaders on capitol hill are asking senate candidate roy more to withdraw from the race if the claims that he was with an underage girl or true senator mike lee of utah posting on twitter i can no longer endorse his candidacy for the us senate but moore's defending himself on the sean hannity show on iheartradio he says the claims are only coming out because he's running for high office sagredo political director crack organised very vulgar fourteen year old girl which would have ever had contact with alabama law says it's too late for more his name to be taken off the ballot for the special election on december twelve jack going to jail of air traffic controller of the charlottedouglas international airport has been arrested and charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction police say thirty year old paul dandan had a pipe bomb when he was arrested friday charlotte airport says deadend did not have access to the terminal nor any aircraft the faa says it's cooperating with local law enforcement loose on the same day the department of homeland security issued a new warning about terror threats acting secretary elaine did says radical groups are urging recruits eu's vehicles homemade explosives in chemicals a launch attacks in public spaces she also says there are ongoing threats to commercial aviation.

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