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List. That's the way. I look at it stuff like that so stupid. They don't actually know that. Now there's no way they had a controlled experiment to actually know that. I know science and that is faulty science. Okay so just. Forget that and forget people like brian who don't love that song. What a loser. It doesn't love that song. The song is amazing. You know who else is amazing joe. Everybody that went to fan tracks dot com slash raw so far to be in our season long league people like our first three contestants or entrance. Whatever we call norm physique. Ius ben molins josh. Epion jer epping. Or i don't know come on down. You guys are in the season long. I don't know how many i'm going to pick next week. 'cause going to start the draft at some point. I might pick the other eight next week or the other three plus the other seven next week. So go to fan tracks. Dot com slash. Ross now send me your email. Ross at ross tucker dot com and tell me you want in in the season-long redraft league against me and joe what i want. Joe is i want your tight end tears and this is incredible by the way i mean. We've been doing this for a couple of years. Now we've been doing the tears you named a tier after a player. yeah we. We've never seen this before. There is now a kelsey tear explain. Yeah it just. It's a separate i. It's just a complete separation of the player from the rest of everybody else so much. So that he's even above my elite tier of tight ends now ross. This is not the first time i've done. This is first time. We've done this on the program. But it's not the first time i've done this. There used to be at cronk tier where he was so far and above the rest of the tight ends that it wasn't even fair to call it in a league. Here it was the gronk tear. It's the travis kelsey tear. He's the tight end you pick in the first round. He very rarely goes in second if he does go in the second. It's an utter steal your his ranks in p. pr fantasy points per game over. The last five seasons at.

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