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I've been a couple of years that i'm looking at their compared to this all that did have some producers there so we are a little concerned about the interior section may be ignored amid alantic western new york that there could be a little bit of uh late october snow but overall all that kind of odd you know one colder period out of the overall perspective i think the overall halls not too bad taking the midwest as a whole paul how do we look in the nation's heartland as we approach the fall season i'll take the harvest teeth in is good i think it's actually pretty good early on i think could get a little chilly though oprah like i just said i across those parts of the region and died now snow maybe a little bit early on the doorstep for parts of that region as well not looking for a lot of snow but i can't see it coming a little earlier than a normally does now of course out west we have seen a really tough spell in which they had match asif epic wildfires now will that continue in the fall of 2017 or can they expect some relief we're talking to the northwest i think there's a change coming here at the start a fall we're going to see much cooler conditions higher moisture in the atmosphere which is good and precipitation that will come bon little bit more frequently and it has been in the latter part of the summer so this is the area of the country i think that has a bigger change in anything else i think things are are looking brightening in that should ease back some of the fires have may take him time but i do think it's going to go in the right direction or paul i really appreciate you talk in real estate where this and what people buying and sowing homes can expect as we enter the fall market of two thousand seventeen thank you for joining us no problem you walk paul passed a lock senior meteorologist in head of the longrange forecasting department.

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