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It's not clear, you know, there were chief organizing principle for years has been opposition to Joe Straus as speaker of that is what the financial funders of of empower types, including Tim done and the Wilkes brothers from Cisco Texas now that's been their main main objective of their main objective has been to get rid of Joe Straus, Strauss left on his own terms. And so now you have someone coming in who does have the backing of Strauss. Although we should say in fairness that did not appear that Joe Straus was trying to help up on and round up members for his candidacy. It looked like Strauss. I came on board after the the after the list of a hundred nine folks, then released read about the same time. So if so as far as where they're going to be on the bond candidacy, they have not really taken a strong position. In one way or another, and maybe they will in the in the near future. Yes. Scott Braddock with us here. We wanted to keep up the video or audio that runs his video on the computer here and other side studios. But U S question of Bonnin in Bonnin replied, I think Curtly would good a good edge to wish that you had consulted me or talk to me before he ran that piece. But people here that in its Bonnin taking on the press. Yes, there's a lot of concern about well on one hand, you got a God and Bonnin din, the spun who a lot of people think will be good formidable force to the Lieutenant governor. However, the Texas house speaker's role is to represent the chamber. Into consider bills within the chamber in how they moved through calendars and appropriations this that and the other. His response to you. I think demonstrated I don't overplay it. I think this is like fifteen percent bond like bonding can get really fired up. There are concerns that Bonnin could really lose his cool within the hundred forty day legislature. Would you make that there are some questions about chairman bonds temperaments? Yes, he he was a little Kurt with me. And that's not a problem. I can take it and I've known dentist for years. So like, you said that's Dennis bonded about fifteen or twenty percents. Maybe not even that, you know, he he can't get very fired up in the past. He was part of the speaker Straus team. And that's you know, as part of the team one of his jobs was to be the attack dog when it came to the Texas Senate, particularly when various pieces of tax legislation being debated between the two chambers. You know, look, I mean Democrats picked up seats in the Texas house in the Texas Senate in last week. Election, but Republicans maintained majorities in fairly comfortable majorities in both chambers. And so the reality is that it's not really, and this is always the case j Leeson when we get down to it when we get into the business of Texas since Republicans have been in charge. And by the way, it was also true. When Democrats ran both chambers of the Texas legislature, the real conflicts, the gin to be about the house versus the Senate, the Lieutenant governor versus the speaker, and you know, when those two don't agree on something a lot of times governor who would step in governor Perry was very strong in that role. Governor Abbott has not been as strong in that role as sort of refereeing the action between the two chambers. And like you've got to very strong willed people in Virginia governor, Patrick and potentially the speaker candidates Dennis Bonham, it'd be does actually take the chamber the sparks could definitely fly. We'll see you say if I've talked to people today who say this is a done deal is. Is it st- if or is it win? Well, it's about fifty seven days until they actually vote for speaker. I've been talking with some folks this afternoon about speakers races in the past. And for decades. This is the case for decades. No one has seen a speaker's race be declared over by so many people, you know, in November in early November. And so there is a ways to go here. The house members could could obviously changed their minds. But right now Dennis bond and is on track to be the next week or the house. I think that's fair who is who who were still candidates on the Republican side. Who do we have left? Well, Phil king dropped out. And for price dropped out. Travis Clark dropped out this afternoon..

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