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Eight five five nine five five five zero five zero nine five five 5050 how have we done the last three weeks we caught one uh we caught firm jessica an address occur early which is the one you're dating there are mccotter yet good for david mariah real dan you're you're dating marienfeld an old other than they cagua mariah belda or wouldn't a moral did with capture a twoday to girl uae for wondered monocle forgery too comfortable forgery and worsening okay and she would firm and that one kmart under bill of january due is there anything on there to save this was due to the assistance of the public or anything like that on tip or anything like that we know we won't know until we get the report again from the arrest get out will find out by the time and burn i'll i'll come back and let you know so marios on the loose grand lighted on leak on duluth 955 5050 i uh the tenet quickly here a training is saturday yes police testing is february twenty eight o'clock at two five would fact meaning try to write down the street police department if you haven't submitted your application but you wanted test all you have to do is go to go to the city website download city you said if they application fill it out bring it with you to the test along with a copy of a high school diploma oregon d a transcript and your driver's license overcast be ready to work out be ready to do pushups sit ups ron in all that great stuff was the cost will apply zero all you have to do is be disciplined motivated to go through the process in a most importantly be full of honesty and integrity and her be like you i hope so yes they've even better even better thank you so much thank you sir stare the trouble areas ivor david i would say stay out of trouble but once the laws come night reading new today does good david thanks for bringing your photographers well yet firm well at work oratory dealy cornish she said not to say that all right there you go secretary of crime stoppers santa fe dd cornish and photographer dd nice to meet you lieutenant good to see david good to see congratulations on capital at capturing fugitives go everybody help of cutting fail again thanks to citizens thank you.

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