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Your Freak open. 19 vaccine visit, vaccinate dot Virginia dot gov Call 877 Vaccine Be Hey, I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic out a storm Team four meteorologist Lauren records occasional showers. They're going to continue today. And even when you're not seeing a rain, it's still cloudy. It's still cool, little breezy and times with winds out of the north and east, bringing some much cooler conditions to the area Temperatures only in the low to mid fifties. Today, we're in the forties overnight with some showers and we'll have some light showers around for tomorrow. Now again, not be raining all day, but we'll continue with some showers. Temperatures in the mid fifties but by memorial Day Beautiful temperatures in the low to mid seventies. Plenty of sunshine in the light wind upper seventies Partly sunny Tuesday. I'm storms before meteorologist Lauren Record right now, some moderate to a heavier showers moving over parts of southern Maryland. That's the ST Mary's counties. Calvert County parts of Charles County right now, seeing the heaviest of that the rest of us seeing some light showers pop up here and there throughout the region and take a look at the temperatures right now. 53 degrees and Rockville 52 degrees and district tights and 46 degrees in Ashburn right now it to 20. Wanted w T O p Brought to you by new look home design by now. Why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof? Woman was shot and killed in Prince George's County Friday evening. It happened it around eight on old Fort Road near Culture Lane, Prince George's County Police say they found the woman with gunshot wounds inside a home. She died at the scene. Detectives say they believe the shooting was targeted and that there is no threat to the community right now..

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