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In Syracuse NY a Syracuse yeah that was the very first concert ever ever so I love the artwork because Dan Warwick because she had this resurgence in the eighties with Clive Davis the a great music producer he found the song I know I'll never love this way again and Barry Manilow produced the album and Dion who ran out of it for awhile Jim had and hadn't had a hit since the seventies and I know I'll never love this way again went to number one and she had no night so long it deja vu that's what friends are for and she was back on top and that's when I first discovered during the eighties interplanetary Houston my parents drove me to the to the theater in Syracuse SR I wait outside the stage door and she signed my yeah and I remember she was on the show just on the show maybe a year ago or so yes and and I I better couple times reply but it was apparent that she had not even remember you at all Michael real who I feel like right because it is a lot better tomorrow I will tell you an interesting connection we have no your first concert was the what work yeah when I was a student at Syracuse they really hadn't brought in any body for big concert site a fraternity brother who decided he was going to stage a big first time concert at the basketball arena and the star that show was do you know more really wasn't someone else on the bill whether yes Janie Americans one and I will tell the on that the JD Burke it's kind of upstaged her they were the opening act he was great J. was terrific J. black and then and then DM it would've been in the sixties so she had a great Burt Bacharach how they all these right and I'm gonna yeah absolutely okay with Dionne Warwick will be with us tomorrow so all right now and can bang on about the trump is not trump is not presidential he threw hissy fit as conference come on that woman we G. **** whatever name is there from yes well that's great right now sign in now she sees we G. **** estimates as of one of these loaded question because he say look we have the best loaded ask for this why did you make this competition and then he says you know we'll watch as China because the whole thing comes from China and then her little stunt she takes her mask off to show that she's Asian and then she tries to imply that he's asking her about China because she's Asian and that's racist told Joe it was a total set up come on don't go to Joe Webb made no it's not going on in on during a news conference that we have more testing anyone it was a legitimate question what this is not a competition and why would he say go S. tryna talk about testing here I have made no sense because China is China we got this virus from China I notified about it they lied about it when we get now is come out that they want to try to went to the World Health Organization and pressure them not to come out and talk about this thing there is a rush job it is to line up with us leading the world in testing anyway here's the here's the give and take her name is we judge Jiang the matter what Michael Calder and she's the CBS news White House because are you are you girls have a good time there's here's what happened why is this a global competition to you with everyday Americans are still losing their lives and we're still seeing more cases every day well they're losing their lives everywhere in the world then maybe that's a question you should ask China don't ask me has China that question okay when you ask them that question you may get a very unusual answer yes behind you place.

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