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Weedkillers, including Monsanto's, very popular roundup. And concluded that it significantly increases the risk of non Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer of the immune system, if you use this, please be careful President Trump's plans to declare a national emergency in order to fund his long promised border wall will enable the administration to move eight billion dollars from various federal agencies to do apparently fund the project. The news comes as President Trump is expected to sign a house border security package that provides one point four billion dollars for the project, which is far below the five point seven billion. He insisted he needed and would finance just a quarter of the two hundred plus miles. He wanted to be. Defended against illegal immigrants. The White House said the president would sign the legislation to keep the government active and moving but act unilat- unit unilaterally and get the money. Elsewhere in a state of emergency. We will see the courts get involved in that vice President Mike Pence has told the conference of European and Middle Eastern leaders that Iran is plotting to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth and seeks to unleash a new holocaust with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watching Penn said in Poland that Taran poses the greatest threat to peace and security in the region. What does this all mean undertoned? Let's check in with Howard bloom. Our expert on such subjects Howard. What do you think is going on here? Well, Pence is right. But there's more Iran has threatened to destroy America's military bases in Syria. If the US does not live up to Donald Trump's promise to withdraw American troops from Syria. A withdrawal from Syria that most western military experts believe should not take place at all. Yes. I mean Iran has threatened to kill roughly two thousand Americans stationed at bases in Syria. If we don't withdraw from Syria says he Ron's deputy defense minister, raise Nick all US basis there in Syria are within the range of our cross-border weapons. And if these fail will strike them from within Iran now, we're does he wrong? Get the nerve to make a threat like this. Iran is not alone, it has allies and some of those allies have considerable military might include Russia, China, North Korea, Syria. Venezuela and Cuba. The nations of the axis of evil. What's more? Iran has the weapons to carry out its threats. It has one of the most varied rays of missiles in the world, but the most important Iranian events of the week made far fewer headlines, and they should have there were two crucial summits. This week one of which you talked about it a little bit that that was a summit of foreign ministers for more than sixty nations in. Warsaw put together by the United States. Now, what was the summit's topic? It was the threat posed by Iran, and you may ask what threat Iran does more than try to develop a long range ballistic missiles that can reach your city in mine, and it does more than strive towards the nuclear warheads can make your city in mind, low like the radium on an old watch style. He could force under Brigadier General Kacem salami runs. Five proxy armies, the five Iranian proxy, armies or Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, Maasim Gaza. The who'd he's in Yemen. And at least two Roxie armies in Iran, Iraq possibly three goal. One of Iran's proxy armies is to bring the entire Middle East under Iran's control. All too is to bring the pleasures of the Islamic revolution to America Britain, France, Germany and the rest of the world. Now, those goals are written into Iran's constitution. Yes. The goal of bringing all the globe under an Islamic government is written into the constitution as the founder of the Iranian Islamic revolution. Iran's George Washington, the Ayatollah Khamenei put it quote, Muslims have no alternative to an armed holy war against profane governments. Holy war means the conquest of all non Muslim. Territories. It will be the duty of every able bodied adult nail to volunteer for this war of conquest. The final aim. Of which is to put Karenna power law in power from one end of the earth to the other a few days ago Benjamin Netanyahu was criticized by mainstream mainstream, plus the mainstream press for saying that the Warsaw summit was convened to discuss war with Iran. Israeli officials promptly jumped into save. The war was a mistranslation from labor yahu meant to say struggle. But the truth is that the war between Iran and its neighbors has been underway ever since the early spring of two thousand eleven eight years ago, the so-called Syrian civil wars. In fact, a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Then there's the war in Yemen, which is a war between Saudi Arabia, its allies, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the Sudan and Egypt on one side. And on the other side, the hoodies group backed by guess who Iran, but the Warsaw summit was just one of a pair of summits. What was the second summit that ran this week? It was a meeting in the Russian resort city of socially between Russia Turkey, and guess who? Iran. It was the third in a series of these meetings that make even Turkey and Iranian ally. Then there's the Iranian infiltration of South America, including the reunion penetration of Venezuela. Brazil Chile and Bolivia the European nations refused who attend our Warsaw summit. They were burying their heads in the sand. And so were the mainstream media the Europeans, and the mainstream media believe that if we are nice to Iran, we will usher in peace, but they are wrong in the end the Iran wants regime change in each and every country on the planet. Iran wants governments all around the globe to be run by us. This is where the problem's gonna be Howard. And we're gonna monitor this. This is the scary part. Thank you stockpiling.

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