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Senator Rick Scott released the video Thursday standing in front of the emancipation memorial in Lincoln Park and Washington that some protesters say should be toppled I think it was not a Confederate soldier Confederate general but we have individuals around this country they're vowing to tear down the statues they are delusional they're wrong about our history Scott says it's time to end what he calls the madness the Tampa police chief says an officer involved shooting in Tampa is justified on April twenty eighth Tampa police conducted a traffic stop that resulted in Jonas Joseph ending up dead chief Brian Dugan made a statement saying the department believes the officers were forced to respond to the threat of imminent danger when Jonas fired a weapon at the officers however black lives matters leaders said they are calling the state and the FBI to conduct their own investigation after a weather delay Thursday SpaceX will try again to launch a falcon nine rocket carrying starlink satellites Friday's forecast is only sixty percent go lift offset for no earlier than four eighteen PM with Florida's news I'm John Conrad six doctors real friends is the podcast that recaps the television sitcom scrubs from the perspective of this year the stars sacked brass and Donald Faison I'm sure this is so annoying but I just wanna say I love the show and I'm like I'm always like it's annoying you kidding me that's like the best common you can give us so what is annoying when you eaten food joint second Donald twice a week as the interview former cast members directors and even creator bill Lawrence listen to fake doctors real friends I heart radio wherever you listen to podcasts take advantage of the at home car buying experience.

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