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The city of Los Angeles. How direct people down certain streets and neighborhoods don't care for it much? Well, the city council is taking some action council members have unanimously approved what they're calling a pilot program to restrict the rounding vehicles under certain streets as condition of entering into data sharing agreements with developers mobile mapping, applications, not just ways and city officials have long complained ways was the worst attending too many cars on the small side streets sometimes on the close streets during wildfires and one of the steepest inclines in LA. Thirty three percent grade in echo park at one point. There was even talk of legal action. Now word of response yet from any of the app developers. Rub Archer KNX ten seventy NewsRadio jeopardy. Alex travek updating his battle against pancreatic cancer oncologist tells me I'm doing well. Even though I don't always feel it when he was on good Morning, America. I'm going to be back in Los Angeles on Saturday for a critic cancer walkathon to raise money for. For research into pancreatic cancer things. Have changed immensely over the year. Doctors keep coming up with new cures and pretty soon, we're gonna wind up with the cure. I hope he says Kimmel leaves him feeling very depressing in tears, but he says his blood counts are studied. And the cats are indicators are coming down judge here in LA has ruled that a Spanish museum that acquired a priceless. Nazi looted painting in one thousand nine hundred two is the works. Rightful owner, not the survivors of the Jewish woman who surrendered it to escape the holocaust judge ruled that under Spanish law. Madrid's museum is entitled to keep the painting event in Long Beach who allegedly helped girlfriend rob a Bank in twenty seventeen expected to plead guilty today to a federal conspiracy charge. The woman worked as a teller at the opus Bank. Turin's prosecutors say together the show about fifty three thousand dollars girlfriend is already entered a guilty plea for her part, and she will be sentenced in the middle of this month. Game of thrones. Getting even hotter. Is that possible as gears up for its finale later this month last Sunday's episode made history topping the weekly primetime.

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