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Really a great plan in place. Yeah it really seems like there wasn't much of a plan at all brady. And here's the thing is. I wish that the nfl would protect these guys win. They're working out offsite regardless of if there's lot going on or not because this is the exact same thing if there wasn't a hold out but a guy would just working out on his own on saturday and get off site then. The team is obligated to protect them. That's how it's always been so this goes beyond just the whole holdout. I wished the nfl would protect their players in situations like that but brady. It's the nfl pa job to negotiate that in their contracts when they create that cb and the nfl. Pa did not do that last year. So this this is a big flop on the nfl pa. It doesn't certainly doesn't look good for the nfl as well by not protecting their players. But the nfl pa after not a negotiating that last year in the cba. Now they're coming out and saying okay now we need you to do this in the nfl. Sin what do you mean. You didn't negotiate. You could have given us something last year if we're if we're going to give you this so it's a really bad situation especially with the broncos being hit the hardest really. I mean that. The two biggest injuries with sean and john james coming with the broncos and it's tough so now you see a lot of people and a lot of players majority of the players today brady are showing up for phase two of the offseason workout program. Because once guys are in the building they're protected. This is such an interesting dynamic too. When you look at everything what is the endgame here I'm with you. I want my players to work out right i. I want them to be as fit as possible. I don't want them to lose any ground lifting and cutting and working on all those things you want ultimately to go year round if you want to be the best. What we're always told us that athletes never really stop. Maybe they take a week off or something but at the same time do they need to be at the facility to what what do you think the middle ground will be next time around when they when they sit at the table because that might be the first thing to come up i it it very well may be and i think what the nfl pa is trying to do here is. They're trying to short ten week off season workout program which runs from april until the middle of june. They're trying to shorten it. They're really trying to get rid of it but that's not going to happen so i think what they're trying to do is shorten it to just ota's and when we talk about that can sometimes get confused with the entire offseason workout program but as is really the last four weeks. It's the last month when they're actually practicing. And i think that's what the nfl is trying to do is they. Let us get away from the other six weeks where we're just working out. We can work out on our own. We can work out in florida. We can work out with our own people around the world and that's what the nfl pa pushing for but then in order for them to to knock that off they're also going to want the nfl to protect them when they're not working out so what we may see the compromise where You know if players are working out doing approved workouts from their teams adolf site locations. Then they're protected but they may not protect them. If they're you know skiing in the alps or you know doing other activities. But i think that's where we'll find middle ground but brady. I don't know if we're going to be finding middle ground until there's a new cba which isn't for another decade. I'm with you. I don't know where where they're gonna fight. Because even even then you know you're gonna ask managers coaches scouts. Whatever scouters to to basically trust that the players are are working out as hard as they believe. Or what have you on that side of it to me. There's so much gray area with this. And yeah i'm with you i. I don't know how you kind of come to the middle on this. Yeah i totally agree. But it's something that is going to be a big talking point now. We see today the nfl pa coming out with push back for to to the broncos specifically saying how important is that the broncos take care of john james and brady every indication. Is that the broncos are not going to pay juwan james that money And set a precedent there. And i think that's a big reason. Why you're seeing over seventy broncos show up to face too today. Well this'll be a very interesting. That's a big story. The ongoing aaron rodgers stuff continues to be the story. Zack what's the what's the zakho meter. Tell us today on there. And roger situation takes another hit over the weekend. I believe someone Someone a close to close to the packers said that if the packers were to trade aaron rodgers they would want a quarterback in return. And i've said this whole time brady that that's what the broncos don't want to hear what the broncos won a here is that the packers of jordan love the rolling with him as their quarterback one and they just want every piece to surround him because the broncos have pieces they have pass rushers. They have wide receivers. They have draft picks. They don't have a sexy quarterback to give. And so you look at the other two teams that have been on aaron rodgers wishlist the oakland or the las vegas raiders. Would derek carr. That's way better than derek cars way. Better than what the broncos can offer. And then you also look at trae lance out there in san francisco and san francisco would be willing to move on from him. That's a huge piece. The third overall pick maybe one of the guys with with the highest upside that we've seen in the draft in a very long time. The broncos can't compete with that and so that takes a hit if the packers do wanna quarterback in return because if they get teddy bridgewater that means that the packers love jordan love and just one a veteran there with them if they get drew lock. Well that's their viewing him as a backup potential project in order to be a starter. But those other quarterbacks. I mentioned those guys that you're building your organization around and that's just something that the broncos can't compete with so that's why it's taken a little hit today and what's interesting about the drew lock thing and again. Last year obviously erased any of that want from green bay but they were interested in drew drew. Lock two years ago so if it wasn't for last season if he would have had just like maybe an average season i think the talk would be going crazy right now because green had that interest but because drew lock season was so bad all all those hopes and dreams are out the window and when nappy something is if drew lock was viewed as a big piece in this trade. And then you're talking about maybe you're trading. Two first round picks drew lock. And that's it instead of three first round picks couple of second round picks bradley chubb and or jerry jeudy for aaron rodgers. And so this was one year ago when drew lock just went four and one when he just had seven touchdowns and three interceptions. That's when his price or his value was as high as it could be and like you said now brady. Unfortunately it's not very high non boy. This is going to be a very interesting ongoing saga here. But i keep coming in. If if rodgers is to be moved your rights act does kind of feel like. It's going to go somewhere. How the question is i. Suppose where's green bay. Do they feel they feel like all right. We lose aaron rodgers. But if we get a derek carr kind of situation there we feel like.

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