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Seven five two tenths to promote champion college football hall of famer the one and only tony casillas. Tc what up doing great this morning. how about yourself. I'm doing well it's a. It's a week following a cowboys win. Which always changes the narrative. The sun is shining brighter. The food tastes better. Is that your experience. Yeah i think it makes a week. definitely starts the week better on monday and spend tuesday yes. They'll absolutely great to win for the cowboys on the road. So big match up coming up on monday night should be a hell of a game. Yeah and you're actually out at gerry world over the weekend right checking out. You know the all pig. Sui i saw the social media was a buzz if this was your first time there. This season no right. Yeah serves our my daughter for parents lake in Tremendous weekend had a great time. And now jerry. Jones has his name all over the place. But it's always good to go back parents weekend and celebrate with the kids. Makes you feel a little older. But they appreciate mama. Dad's pocket book when i visit. That's ripe for you think you've been to. At stadium or norman. More in your life like how many times like if you consider the amount of times you've been there throughout your whole life. It's anti stadium or norman. Or thank i think more contemporary. I've been more. I'd i don't get back as much as i'd like my son. He's us is actually junior there. But i just kind of conflicting during the during the regular season. So i don't get back as much as i have in the past But i will say this about fayetteville. Arkansas topography wise. It's beautiful beautiful stadium. Beautiful beautiful state. So i don't mind going back there nicot that. I didn't think we were get into topography today. But that's that's good so the talk this week. Tony is mike. Parsons obviously dallas cowboys star rookie. Not a fan of fayetteville or college station or anything cool a fan of happy valley and they had their white out last week weekend but mica parsons did something. He hadn't done since before his time. At penn state or he played defensive end for the cowboys in their win against the chargers and a lot of people are wondering whether or not the cowboys should leave him there or if they should flood him back to linebacker the position they technically drafted him to be. I don't know that people are like fighting with each other about this but there are a lot of opinions especially given the fact that demarcus lawrence has a broken foot. The cowboys need an address. Right now what would you do with mike parsons. I don't want to overreact too much. I think it's a tremendous phenomenal. What he always over to was able to play defensive man had played that position. Since high school bisque indication how athletically gifted he is as a player salat easier said than done and a display and him being able to come and does not say anything to say. Yes whatever you need to do all too. I think it's a good Bitch them. I don't know if that's his. Its natural position. Certainly i think think what happens. Rj's when people play against someone. Like michael parsons the first time they seen him. They'd obviously have philmont but certainly was a great Great decision by dan. Coin to be able to understand in utilizes athleticism but I think it just gives them another opportunity. Just crates of death creates a lot opportunity when it comes to rushing the passer. I don't know if that's his natural position versus iran. It's a little different but certainly it's a gold nugget that they discovered last sunday. I mean it's it's i think it's difficult for people to contextualized because a lot of people think and this. This isn't the same thing but just kind of like zack. Martin playing right tackle. That's what everybody wanted last week. When we were dealing without you know allow collins obviously being suspended it's like just put zach at right tackle have mcgovern play right guard. That will you get your best five on the field and this is a similar thing and i think especially because now people have seen the production. So you know there's no secret that defensive ends make a bigger impact on a play by play basis then linebackers that's not diminish the importance of linebackers by But it's difficult you're right. I mean he did a great job of it on sunday and certainly proved a lot and in a lot of ways outperformed joey bosa even. But do you think that again. I know you're not saying this is any to mike. Do you think this was more not flashing the pan vet. Do you think this was more rare than it might actually be if he plays the position long term. I don't know if it's but i know that playing that position when you had that much speed and athleticism makes it very difficult for an offense attack or they hate speed. The threatened by on something that they feel really uncomfortable with But i think a lot of people have a tendency to over actresses one game in which is great because look at the guy was productive. He gave us as far as production wise. She was one of the best pass rusher best players on the field. Joey bosa little different on when it comes to different types of players. i mean. they're totally different player. Mike is a runs. A four three and joe is probably a four six four seven defense and so it's kind of hard to compare but again..

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