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It would be a good time to merge, for example, the Mexican league and MLS, all this kind of stuff. This has to be part of the conversation. And what do you do with tournaments? What do you do with money prices? All of that is a big thing. Yeah, no. I kind of feel that people are going to look out for their area of the world. And rightly so. So UEFA looks out for it. It's European members. Equally, if you're in Asia, or if you're in North America, you're going to say or in Concacaf, you're going to say hang on a minute, glazers, cranky, et cetera. How about you spend some money over here? How about you help push push the development here? I think it's very fair that these people go and push the side of it and then you have the conversation and then you started out. I think for a lot of confederations and a lot of member associations actually more than confederations. For a lot of member associations, if there isn't a strong FIFA, there will be a lot more suffering. A lot more suffering. Because they would just, you know, be eaten up by the game. By the economics of the game. And so, you know, with all due respect, it was no different than why people went crazy about the Super League because it was destroying national team football. Well, what's the difference between that concept and a concept of an entire continent or two taken off into rocket space and everybody's sitting there going, well, how am I supposed to compete with that? The reality of the market is that where all the money is kind of going to, whether it's American money, Asian money, wherever money, it's going to go where, you know, it's going to get its return on an investment. And I can appreciate that. Now, you know, here at Concacaf, we're lucky because we have a big market. We've been able to make some strides. I mean, just in the time that I walked through the door last 5 years, we've increased the amount of gains we've played by over 2000 games, right? And that's all our members, and that's great. That's more football. That's what they that's what they need. Whether it's Nations League or club football or whatever. And so but that's not a reality in a lot of confederations. And so how do we help that? How do we sort of nurture that? The materials that are required for top level football players and coaches, they come from all over the world. And these clubs that you just mentioned, their assets are multinational. They're not European players, or English players, let's say, you know, an EPL. Their players were all over the world. So I think a bit who's us to take care of global football to nurture these talents to nurture the game so that, you know, everybody, you know, players will always find their way to the best league in the world. And I have no issues with that. But just because we can't also neglect where these players are coming from, and the countries that come from, we have to find a way that we don't leave them behind and we do the proper thing because when FIFA generates revenue, there's a global distribution..

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