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Thank you for you. What just reading the comments that? We gotta get before. We started just derailing our fucking heads into everything else. Let's see here. There's these people I keep asking Brooklyn nine hundred one boy did leave. So you will not dress the elephant in the room. For personal fucking reasons. He's leaving. But why fucking reasons why did he leave for personal reasons? But I know, but I still wanna know why he left personal reasons. So I would never violate far Guineas trust and personal impersonal trust. So there's no need to say anything. Classy filter classy topic. There we go. Albert, I like that for our f eight, but after I saw all the shit that came out in Geneva man that kinda put damage. Yeah. Look, the FA is nice. It's it's nice. It's nice. When are we going to get the F aid? When's that's supposed to even land? I don't know by the way, because if it's if it's within a year of that AM are busier zero three or the just the double three from Aston Martin. If it's within a year of that coming out. Oh, that's horrible. Oughta just scrapped the plans on the F eight and just start over. Just throw it in a dumpster will win. The fuck is for you going to be six car. I thought they were going to reduce it in Geneva. And they didn't even do that. Really fucking weird. I'm sorry. I thought someone here had a great weight is our lives still there, right? Where we not because he still there, but my phone died. Yeah. The cameras still red. Okay, good. We'll end I don't know how we're gonna end the feed later. I don't know how we're going to end the feed later. My phone. We'll turn off the camera. Yeah. All right. So from Geneva, I really liked the cheap Aston forget about the double O three. That is incredible. So you like the vanquish vision up I'm saying the double o threes, everything that I wanted and then some but the vision the vanquished vision, that's the point. Right. Yep. Entry level one. Yes. Wow. Why? It's beautiful offers. No doubt about it. It's a beautiful beautiful car. How much of how much of the end product is going to stray from that that concept? I don't know. But it still it's gonna be dope. Each got the lines of the Valkyrie guys. Fucking amazing on such a on such a cheap car compared to everybody else. And. Yeah, the F eight is not that nice. It was it was it was very disappointing to me. Valerie. And I'm gonna tell you why. Because I thought for our he was getting their shit straight this year. Yeah. And so far that card just showed me that they were just going to do a little work on the outside. And let's go like why why a good point Geneva Konta just said Geneva literally made me forget about the project. One forget about the project one two. Oh my God. He's project headline though, I do like when is that car supposed to be delivered in a what the the thing about the project one? And this is what no one understands when the car comes out. It's going to be delivered to to form y-. One drivers. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And those guys are gonna make some videos with it. Yep. What other publicity do you need for car? Right. They don't they don't need any they have Lewis Hamilton who's getting one. And he apparently wants like a bigger engine Hayes and whatnot. No, no, no, no. You you're with us. It was sad told us that Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton's their engines from their f one car Formula one carpeting in there. That's what's going on g one. Yeah. But Lewis Hamilton wants more power on his fuck that dude. That's all I'm saying is he may marketing, marketing wise, he doesn't get any better than that. Those are the only people that can drive that car, by the way, the only the old everybody else. Even if I was getting everybody else getting one. No shot. There's a couple of guys in Europe. That are crazy with their track. Cars Andy, and you guys know the ones..

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