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You're not sleeping enough. You're not getting real sleep because you're constantly being woken up and shocked into the state of like no. It's really bad it's bad for you and it's bad for your spouse like my mother-in-law has to go. She goes into the guest room to sleep after they go to bed because she can't sleep like really bad. Do you have to do the the I wanted to kill the guy? You've no idea it was like I just stopped like having someone that's nores is like can't sleep. I can't wear my ears are like earplugs first of all. They're not comfortable for me. I've really tiny ear canals. And just like can't some people can sleep with your plug like I just can't just yeah. Snoring is a real issue and it's usually an issue of some sort of impeded airway. Yeah Yeah I'm glad I don't have that but the nightmare thing I'm just the melatonins helped so yeah hope you for sleeping. Oh I mean I think that going basically like having a good circadian rhythm and like bright light exposure in the early morning like it really does help like there was a time when I would you know like I lived in Oakland. I was just in this dark little apartment. And you know like it just wasn't really great for my circadian with him because I would wake up in the morning especially like on weekends and stuff like you know. There's no light coming in and I didn't I wasn't I didn't live in a place that was like I could just go outside. And frolic you know so frolic and Oakland don't really go But yeah bright light exposure. Big Too big. It was like a huge thing and the red light so I have. I do the Phillips you. Where like five o'clock all the lights in our house Go read dot makes a huge impact on my son and his sleep cycle like because Children are really sensitive to light because they don't have cataracts and stuff and so they're they're like you know the Melatonin is not being produced so Like if we go travel or go to my inlaws lights on. I'm like going around the house turning off 'cause I want my son to go to bed at an hour. You Watch do you if you're looking at your screens. Dis Blue Light blocking glasses. So I I have like all the APPS and stuff and most of the time like I turn my my. My phone screen is like down and they have black background and all that. But I don't wear glasses. I just those are great. You should look into the blue limelight because when I actually get a chance to watch. Tv like it. It doesn't happen much because right now my son falls asleep like nine and he wakes up at six and so like shoes. I go to bed really so I'm like wondering when do I. When can I cut the NAP? Out Like googling everything you know just trying to figure it all out so you have to keep napping until three I I gotta like decent more reading. Because it's not it's not uniform. I know my youngest. Never WanNa take naps. She's like fuck off staying awake. Oh my son doesn't WANNA take. He doesn't WanNA sleep ever wants to party all day every day man. He's like it'll start to see he's starts to get dusk and he's like it's still daytime time and I'm like for a little bit. It's GonNa be nighttime soon. What about if you get him? Active exercises yeah. Well it's we used to go to soccer class and stuff and go to the park but it's hard with the shelter in place right now. You pent up energy so we've been doing like yes so I've been trying to like take them you know like we do like hide and seek and run. Run run where where amount. But you know I think I think the bright light exposure for him taking him out in the morning is really important and now that we you now now. I'm able to do that more like I feel safer there so Especially being outside. I don't I'm not as concerned so like I think that's really important. From bright lead exposure is just. There's just study after study. Showing it sets your circadian clock boom. It's like okay. This is this is this is like the morning and your circadian clock starts and then you know so you become sleepy when you're supposed to come become sleepy as long as you're not in tons bright light at night But that's been probably the biggest thing by the way you know what's actually talking about. My Glucose Monitor my continues monitor. We're talking about popcorn and you know the biggest thing that really affected my glucose levels wasn't popcorn was actually lack of sleep really. Yeah big time effect like particularly if I wasn't exercising like like almost pre-diabetic level. Fasting Blood Glucose like when this is this is when my sleep was being disrupted when like my son was like younger. So I've been wearing. My Continuous Glucose Monitor for a year and a half. Maybe two years you wear this. What is it remind minds right here? Oh you have a little patch that you wear on all them. Yeah not diabetic. No love seen a guy who wears one of those but he's diabetic. Yeah I mean I'm wearing it because I'm sort of trying to understand how different foods have different lifestyle changes like. How long have you been wearing? I got it probably right after the last time I was on here. Okay right literally just constantly. Where for years and I've been where. Yeah it's been it's been almost maybe two years almost two years a year and a half but I most the time constantly whereas sometimes because it only it's like the central last for ten days after change it and sometimes I like forget and a couple of days ago bar and then I start like eating the pomegranate because my son loves and I'm wondering what does this do I click but the lack of sleep because he would wake up like I would be getting interrupted multiple times at night like you know where it was like. I don't know he was going through some developmental stage and stand in his crib. And it's like so I was. I was getting woken up multiple times at night for like prolonged periods. Jerry Very Lake Fragmented Sleep and I was nothing changed with my diet. And My Blood Glucose my my fasting blood glucose levels. If I'm might exercise routines dialed in. I'm not like shelter in place you know it's about you know mid eighties And so I was up like I was up to like lane. Fasting Blood Glucose would get up sometimes too like if I wouldn't exercise like one make wake up in the morning and I'm like one zero six seven one nine so big and it was capable. The lack of sleep causes you so many studies published. We did a video on it and like its defects like the insulin secretion sensitivity like all that stuff. It's all being affected. So it's one of the reasons why like shift shift workers like really are prone to type two diabetes. You really are phone so is so important. Poor people has got to be one of the worst things for your body. Nurses like their doctors. First responders anybody's working the late shift. Dan Dan had his appendix removed. Like he so he had this crazy story. But you probably have to go crazy. Is it? Well it's pretty crazy. Actually so he had this appendix thing happened. We were busily visiting his parents in Memphis and it was like Christmas Eve and so he had to go to the hospital. He was like the bad. I need to go to hospital so we went to the hospital. Like yeah you have appendicitis. But he didn't feel comfortable getting. It removed there because there was just a bunch of factors. That wasn't his doctor like up so he got this antibiotic treatment like sent home a couple of days later he got some treatment and then it came back like a couple of months later or a few months later back when we were home but he was like all of a sudden like the first time he had it. He was just like paying. I should go. Something's wrong the second time. He was like vomiting. And like you know. I didn't WanNa like my son was sleeping. It was like two in the morning. He woke me up so we call the I. I call the ambulance just like you know. He's vomiting know if ruptured because it can be serious but anyways these I my whole point was the first responders they came and they were just like yeah. We don't ever sleep like it's like we don't actually. It's just so awful for them. Terrible for you so anybody's working the late shift. God that's gotTa be so bad for you. I used to deliver newspapers so every morning. I was up at five o'clock in the morning and I was also doing comedy does going to bed really late at night and I was always tired. I just would be sitting here. I just fall asleep. That's awful terrible. A lot of a lot of people are sleep deprived a lot. Yeah A lot. Yeah it's huge factor. Yeah well I think we covered a lot today we got. We got a lot in the vitamin D. Information was so fascinating all of it appreciate you very much. You're always an awesome resource. Really Ain't you're awesome and talk to having me back on the Pike. My pleasure anytime. Tell people how to find. You found my fitness fitness tunes. Podcast as well as fitness youtube channel found my fitness website. Foundmyfitness had found my fitness instagram Alma. Fitness twitter all right. Thank you Ronda. Appreciate show by Buddy. 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