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Nobody talks about Red Sox manager John McNamara pulled Roger Clemens after seven. Even though Clemens demanded to stay in was pitching, well, Bob Stanley's, wild pitch that brought in the tying run and move. The Mets winning run into scoring position. Nobody blames him also the fact that it was a game six so the Red Sox still Red Sox still had game seven at home. Buckner family put out a statement, writing after battling the disease, Lewy body dementia. Bill Buckner passed away early. The morning of may twenty seven surrounded by his family Bill fought with courage, grit, as he did all things in life, our hearts, broken. But we are at peace knowing he is in the arms of his Lord and savior. Jesus Christ, but no played twenty two seasons. In the majors was an all star once and won a batting title in nineteen eighty. But of course he's remembered for that play in game six eighty six World Series. Mookie Wilson says we had developed a friendship that lasted well over thirty years. I felt badly for some of the things he went through. Bill was a great great baseball player, whose legacy should not be defined by one play buttons teammates on the eighty six Red Sox said he wasn't to blame noting that Boston wouldn't have even been in the World Series without his efforts that season from ESPN dot com. Quote when he retired in nineteen ninety he and his family remained in Massachusetts, but the Thomas and the criticisms from fan from fans and media remain. Forcing them to move to Idaho, where Buckner an avenue outdoorsman bought a ranch when the Red Sox invited him to take part in a ceremony at Fenway park honoring the twenty year anniversary of the eighty six team Buckner decline. But time, heals most wombs though it took years to relationship between Butler in Boston fans, eventually warmed first step came in two thousand four when the Red Sox finally ended the curse of the bam beano by sweeping the cardinals and the reds in the in the World Series. For years for fans. It was a chance to forget about the past, and celebrate the present the next step came four years later in the Red Sox two thousand eight home opener that previous October. The team had won its second World Series title, and four years on that April day they were celebrating with past and present Boston sports greats. One of them. Bill Buckner from under a massive American flag. Draped over the green. Monster Buckner was introduced to the crowd and walked slowly to the mound amid a standing ovation that lasted nearly two minutes. How awesome is that? To.

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