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WGN radio I'm Ronnie James, the mermaids, of course, popsicles and icicles, 1963 on chattahoochee records and Chris from Greenwood, South Carolina asked that we play that and happy to do it. The mermaids were a couple of actually three teams, a couple of sisters, 15 and 17 year old and their neighbor who was a friend. And actually it was a Kim fowley, who discovered them and put them together with chattahoochee records, which was a label he had an interest in, and forget the woman who owned that primarily, but he had an interest in anyway. And so the deal was, I think that Mike post had just gotten out of high school and he was a songwriter and he was shopping him around town, and he was hoping that, in fact, this would be given, I forget the artists they wanted to give it to, but it wasn't, it was something ridiculous like, oh, the guys who did not Donnie not ally, the Hollywood archives, but skip and flip, yeah, which basically were that. And so it turned out that skip and flip didn't record it, but fowley wasn't giving up. And yeah, David Gates is involved in that too. So there's a lot of record royalties in that royalty in that, and that was the deal. All right, so 888-876-5593 Ruth Conti, that's who on chattahoochee. All right, so Valerie in warrenville, welcome to well, wait a minute, wait a minute, I'm not going to say that because I realize I'm just up against the news and I don't want to be late from that. So we'll find out what's going on with the world at large from WGN radio news on WGN radio. When news breaks in Chicago or the world, you'll hear it here and we'll talk about it here. This is Chicago's very own 7 20 WGN or download the WGN radio app and stream us live. WGN radio news is on the

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