Donald Trump, Jerry Nadler, Barack Obama discussed on The South Florida Morning Show


Apparently and they promoted in every network was carrying it and it was all about the court packing idea and is the legislation. We had ed markey from massachusetts. Jerry nadler from new york to. I can possibly come up with to present this thing. What a combo these two are is like. Give me a break. And then jerry. Nadler came up with the line of the century. I'm like please. Oh we're not packing the court and some people will say we're packing. We're not backing. We're unpacking it. And even mean what he was trying to say. Because i said the same thing. What do you mean. You're unpacking it. And then the funny part about it was they went back and they got mackie's stuff from two thousand sixteen where he was hash tagging. Supreme court Market yeah don't change through all that all of these people that want to change it now and add. Yeah make it thirteen. Were originally saying back. You know six seven years ago. Hey no we wanna keep it at nine but what he even stood at the time back then. Same spot where he was in front of the steps of the supreme court they had to side by side thinks he had just different signs years later. That's steroid what a political hack. But what what. I win adler said that i was like what the heck and so i sat and watched he was trying to say. The court was packed by donald trump in his nomination of all those conservative supreme court justices so he packed it. We need to unpack it. Sure jerry can. Americans look at the supreme court and expected to do justice to do equal justice when it has been so severely politically and obviously politically manipulated right adler. Okay say what are you doing now. And then again look. At the last couple of cases the supreme court did not side with donald trump on anything that really affected him in the last year of his presidency didn't work yeah they either voted against him or are they didn't hear it. Is ed markey. We are here today. Because the united states supreme court is broken. It is out of balance And it needs to be fixed. It'll only be fixing the added. Nine thousand hundred four justices all democrat ed or democrat radical. Judges are actually shooting for thirteen. But here's the interesting thing. Do you believe or not. Because nancy pelosi says if it wasn't while they were speaking it was immediately after he says i won't support the bill. We're not going to bring to the floor lever. Yes they do and look at our polling numbers. Yeah you know people people don't th i mean this is what happens you know going back. How many since the beginning of time with president clinton put somebody there and then obama put somebody their just put somebody there. That's what happens in a presidency. It just so happened that either. They died or they resigned during trump's administration. He just got the luck of the draw. Basically that's all it is so eventually and the only problem they have now is. There's nobody that's really really old. Like a ruth bader ginsburg so they know that who's ever. There's going to be there awhile. How old john roberts not old. He's he's one of the young the young guns of the supreme court baseball trading card Clear john it's brenner. Oh that's right. He's the next one. Okay let's i 'cause i know clarence thomas..

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