AFC, House Judiciary Committee, President Trump discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Man is there Dave login with the call and came away not a bad NFL debut for drew Laki through for a hundred and thirty four yards and two touchdowns both the Cortland sudden after losing three games in the final twenty two seconds the Broncos find a way to pull one out in the final seconds Broncos are now for Nate there at Houston next Sunday Texans over the patriots on Sunday night football twenty eight twenty two bangles are officially off the Schneider they get their first win of the season twenty two six over the jets the first win for new head coach Zach Taylor how I feel I can describe you know good to rugged bangles still have the inside track though for the number one overall draft pick at least for now in the AFC west the chief surrounded the raiders forty nine Monday Night Football has the Seahawks hosting the Vikings college basketball yesterday see issue over Utah valley ninety two sixty one airforce B. Jackson state seventy six fifty two on the women's side Colorado state over UC riverside fifty two to forty number twenty Tennessee beat airforce eighty one sixty four the college volleyball regionals are upon us the eleven during C. issue rams headed to Seattle to take on South Carolina that match will be Friday also Friday do you versus third seeded at Stanford and northern Colorado is in the bears play a regional host Hawaii on Friday night sports brought to us by the law offices of Dan campus on K. away the home of the Broncos Boston Rockies thank you Mike five sixteen KO a news time our top stories on Colorado's morning news heavy snow continues to pound the northeast today parts of New England getting nearly a foot of snow that means folks are stocking up this are gone and no bread without shelf was completely empty on a more serious note at least seven people are dead as dangerous wintry weather sweeps across the country a five year old girl and boy both drown in Arizona over the weekend because their car was swept away in a creek two more children died in a similar accident in Louisiana the White House will not participate in this week's impeachment hearings in the house Judiciary Committee last night was the deadline to inform the Judiciary Committee whether trump for White House lawyer would participate to judiciary will hold its first hearing on the impeachment against the president on Wednesday president trump travels to London today ahead of the NATO summit is scheduled to meet one on one with a number of European leaders including French president Emmanuel macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel in London bells rang out as lawmakers gathered for a vigil to honor the victims of Friday's terrorist attack at the London Bridge two people died three were wounded during a stabbing the attacker twenty eight year old Spahn Khan died in the.

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