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And now america's now one show one pop culture and politics this is thumb michael medved show and another great day another great year in fact in this greatest nation on god's green earth and what a great year it is it's a political year there's an election coming up in november yeah that's this year two thousand eighteen the election uh that will determine control of the senate the united states determine control of the house of representatives and many of our nation's most crucial governorships and in that election the picture for republicans has just become more clear and frankly more hopeful why biko's announce standing us senator has decided to retire given his forty years of service in the senate it's appropriate that orrin hatch is retiring and his senate seat is likely to be picked up by a very popular and very important leader for the republican party of this is good news better news great news why well personally because orrin hatch who um is a true public servant and has been a wonderful a conservative voice in the us senate for a very long time has decided to retire in part because the health of his wife elaine he he posted his statement on twitter and elsewhere on social media and he did it today with the kind of class and dignity that i think people normally associated with these senior senator from utah here's orrin hatch my fellow utahns for over forty years i've had the great honour of serving as your senator as many of you know i came up during the great depression living in a ramshackle house built with recycled lumber from the local scrap yard my parents gave us everything they had but in the eyes of the world we stood and have much only in a nation like ours could someone like may the scrappy son of a simple carpenter grow up to become a united states senator okay is it okay then someone looks back on his origins after serving more than forty years in the center of course it's okay and touching as your senator i've always thought the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and i believe the results speak for themselves i've authored more bills that have become law than any member of congress alive today i played a central role in the creation of the.

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