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Old friend from our Spotify days. Is that you, JJ? Yes, sir, yes, it is. Oh God, it's good to hear your voice again in 2023. Your question is, I'd say your question is a good one. I think it's an important one. But it's one of those where to begin to answer that, we are just moving into the realm of the imagination and speculation. And it's one of those areas that there is so much more information that needs to come out before we can even delve into that reality. I made a show American fiasco a podcast about what I when I released it full enough. It was coming out before the 2018 World Cup and I did it. It's about the 1998 World Cup, which if you don't know, it's the one where the last truly awful, familial Internet scene, the pressing just human interaction awful occurrence occurred between Eric wynalda and John harks and Eric Wendell's wife had an affair with the captain of the team. And one of the things I will say in this moment that shocked me as I interviewed Eric wynalda and it's worth listening to the podcast, the episode again to understand that I learned a lot and I made the show I was making ahead of the 2018 World Cup. It took me 14 months to make this show. And what I wanted to do, the 2018 World Cup, sorry. And what I wanted to do was show to the American audience how fast how far the American football scene on the men's side had come. And then, of course, the men crapped out and didn't qualify and so the statement that I was hoping to make backfired in my face, but one of the big lessons I learned interviewing Ronaldo was that he talked with pain and of the experience. Obviously, as did, by the way, John hawks, with deep, deep regret and human trauma and life lessons learned from it. That was a different set of lessons I learned from that interview. Barrick Ronaldo talked about how wrong it was that John harks was cut for the team for his awful transgression, and I pushed him on there. I said, are you serious? How can you say that? And he said, you do not understand the professional mindset of professional footballers. We are also hyper competitive, his line. Once we step over the white lines, we do not care about anything apart from who is on our side can help us win. And his point was John harks was the best player on the squad. I wanted him on the field with me no matter what he'd done to help us win. And that's all I can say tonight, but I would say I want to, you know, it's hard. The way also the way U.S. soccer have set this up, saying, you know, we need this investigation to go on, that's going to take a long time. And so what they're asking of us, and it's very hard, it's almost impossible to be honest, is the discipline as fans to now wait. For the tablets to come down on high from the legal investigator, but to stay disciplined. I imagine there will be journalists Paul tenorio, some sexual tenon wolves of this world. I imagine that they will be a Jeff Carlisle will be working their sources. It's just so bloody excellent. Working their sources and trying to fill in some of those gaps, nature of boards are vacuum and so the weight as sports fans and as human beings, but right now the only short answer I can give you is I have no idea I feel for him, I do a feel for him. I feel terrible for this kid in this situation. I feel terrible for all of them, honestly. I don't know if he's not as popular as he once was, but I used to love reading his plays as a kid. Arthur Miller plays where just the past comes back into the present and just driven off and by the need for respect and fear of the erasure of the character's identity, something awful is unearthed from the past and thrown back into the light of day. And what it does is it destroys everybody, it creates agony for everybody. And in this movement, it does feel like we're watching a terrible, terrible live reenactment of an Arthur Miller play and it's only paid.

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