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Oh man the the little label rubbed off so i forget this yves saint laurent and it's their full loop ooh man i forget like it's all i've used ilic so pretty yeah it's so sheer because it looks it looks great yeah like i get the bryce brightest color because like actually very sheer you're introducing you to something that i've never thought about which is that fancy brands carry these like sheer glossy how come i've never thought about this before this is i don't know who introduced me to this so cool but they have like a few different kinds all find your the exact one but this is a more sheer one but it still gives you a little color and it so moisturizing so i just like the fact that i don't have to worry about like being precise and it'll still just give me some color but i have to say that you've kind of have to reapply these lot okay but maybe that's just me i just rub off all my lip stuff instantly i'm also like always putting on lip balm i know yeah so you have a large bottle of mario badescu yes and it's the ficials spray so my other self care indulgences facial sprays which i know are just like watery scented things but i love it makes me feel so so on planes i like to use them i just used up by the ace up on and i use that on planes because it's trouble sites but i just used all of that upside brought the mario but skew one but also use the.

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