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View of the fact that they couldn't have put into it a bit more when they were clearly strengthened and so yeah, after that it had anything. It wouldn't be. I would be reading a whole lot. Yeah. I would completely and wholeheartedly agree with that. The Liam and Valerie Brennan, Florida pearl memorial novices chase means we had to Ireland. For the great two memorial, it's the Lehman Valerie pearl. No, this is Chase, but obviously ronin memory one of the greatest steeplechasers that aren't has ever seen. His targeted this race in the past with pencil full of lead still maintained as a decent race to be one with him and some other good horses have taken this back in the day, including back and focused before going on to win at the cheltenham festival. There were some brutal falls in this race and unfortunately we lost 6 shooter. Who took a really powerful I was amazed that horse had been sent to a favorite for the race. I thought this was a very clear opportunity for venelia. And whether or not your impression of his victory at cheltenham is that of all that was a fluke. I don't think that. I didn't think that on the day I thought he was the best horse in the race and was given a very enterprising ride by Mark Walsh and just went out and blitzed them in the potato race. Jonathan was back on board to punch us down and it didn't quite go to plan on it. I hope that's not why everything ended. Just because certain horses didn't run to form a punches them because that point is already been very well made by most team colleagues. Declan, that you don't take punches to inform literally. Then again, punch us down. If you're going to offer us the 5 star treatment and the lobster and all that, we're happy to take Declan and I will be there, sign us up soon. But look, I love the nearly, I think he's a very, very exciting course. I'm very excited about his prospects for cheltenham. There were a few times where he jumped I thought he was quite a little bit flat footed and I did sort of go, but in the end he's won easily. It was four out in particular. He wasn't fluent. He was headed three out, but he's rallied and comes home 20 6 lengths clear of fancy foundations. Helped by the fall of ballet general at the last and again sympathy to the connections of 6 shooter terrible for no meat and terrible for gigs and for that matter for Brian Cooper, who was on board as well. Thankfully, Brian is okay. What's your overall thoughts on vanilli? Obviously the race again didn't tell us that much on its own and with the set of 6 year or four out. And so, you know, you're looking at it, a treerunner. Now this chase is not going to tell you much on its own the only thing I decided negative on would be doomed to find which I suppose is good, but open spectacular, but the time of the handicap chase following it was actually about 7 and faster. And normally when inferior horses, the winner was only available to 6 and was carrying actually more than any and late rice or sorry to win was one 28. I think fully charged normally when something like that happens it would be because the handicap was run up in more even tempo, but in this case, it was 7 and so despite being at a two 90 quicker before out, I like from four at home to nearly I was pretty much asked the price of the nigga Lance. So again, it wasn't that he was close and turned up here. So I've been worried that he went from 7 months ahead of 40 charge to I went behind him and that period of a race when he was actually been asked for an effort. So I couldn't take a positive view to raise for sure. I don't think he achieved very little time today. It looked pretty alien rose, went to the home of a trio. Like familiar is again pretty much three months at least in a solid pace of that is best for. Yeah, I definitely would be upgrade to my opinion on this chances are at the top level over fantasy here based on everyone. Funnily enough I reserve judgment. I still think he's capable of being a top class chaser. Not good enough to make it into my top ten to follow, but enough that I don't think it's possible. It is possible. I just wouldn't be afraid in my opinion. Whatever I talk, if I told you he had a really good chance of in a decent chance of an update to the forehand, I think he is actually less transparent. He just suppose he just didn't know for he didn't do any more than that anyway. Yeah, the one thing I would say is that it's good news for us and those pesky bookmakers can't cut them. You couldn't really, some of them I'm sure did. But you couldn't really cut them for cheltenham on the basis of what he did there. And particularly.

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