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My memory call his story of caring aging and everyday acts of love. And it was a book that i really thought about hard about whether i wanted to write. I'm not a confessional writer. But i've seen on and off for the past twelve years a carer. I'm also so. Obviously i can be around my job. But lots of people can't do not give up their jobs to be a kyra but at the same time. It's a story that i felt was important to tell. There is a lot about me as a writer in the book. Resolute about me as rita in the book Because if you are often you don't really sleep through the night. You always got one open. And so i do a huge amount of retake in the small hours as it were but i really wanted to write this book which is a tribute to three extraordinary. People might my father and my mother both of whom now gone and my wonderful mother in law granny rosy for whom under fulltime kara up because actually there are thirty million of us unpaid carers in the uk. We all hidden everywhere in plain sight. And i very much wanted to tell my story. I'm only speaking for myself but also to try and help make carrying more visible. It's kara's week as we record this and they strap line. This year is making carry visible and valued because many many parents don't feel that they have any support. There are many people carrying on their own. They don't have the resources to be able to carry on working. And all of these things. So i wanted to raise my voice along with the other thirty million cares and say. Please stop paying attention to this. Social care needs to be sorted out and it was very different so of book for me to write. Obviously because mostly i've making stuff up in my fiction you know. City of tears came out in january. And i can't really believe an extra pair of hands has just come out. That's his second book in lockdown. And that's a missing meeting readers but the reaction to an extra pair of hands has been extraordinary and it's been a wonderful thing do to realize for many many carriers who are in the same position as me. How important books are and how important reading can be when you can't really get out as much and you're very much confined to a smaller space or looking to somebody and you can't really leave them books at the thing that gave many of us who are carrying the glimpse on the outside world so the next five has being you know it was something i wrote during lockdown and i'm really enjoying talking to people about at the moment you in doing women's prize and we have the women's prize shortlist but chill digital festival next week obviously discoveries. Today's i'm just juggling all these things. So i'll be talking to kate moss. We've been talking about. The women's prize trusts discoveries program. The winner of which emma van star was announced. Today oso again to say that the awarding of the women's prize will be on july the seventh and we're talking about an extra pair of hands cakes book which is out from the wellcome collection cake. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. They love to see this episode of little atoms..

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