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With will Bethany? And Jason thought they were stock their plan just kept getting more expensive and Bethany favorite doctor didn't even take that plan anymore. And then some for instance, church told them about medishare with our previous insurance. We were paying twelve hundred dollars a month with meta share, we now pay around six hundred dollars a month. Yes. They're paying six hundred dollars less per month. And that's a pretty typical savings with meta share. And they actually like medishare more. I was able to go back to my original doctor absolately loved, and it's just been absolutely beautiful thing being a part of medishare. Yeah. So they pay a lot less, and they like it more. No wonder meta share is growing so fast. Find out more. They're super easy to talk to all you have to do is call eight four four ninety one bible. That's eight four four ninety one b I b l e eight four four ninety one. One bible. The crime rate is down in the city of angels. Jim Roope explains. Crime down two percent. There's an eight percent decrease in gang related crime rape down more than twelve percent. And the big ones as mayor. Eric Garcetti homicide is down eight point two percent. Representing a second lowest number of the city has ever tracked. There were two hundred fifty nine homicides in the nation's second largest city last year compared to nearly eleven hundred in nineteen Ninety-two during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, the mayor credits. More diversity within the LAPD, more street, patrols and more. Gang intervention, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston had more homicides than L A last year. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. Facebook is tightening requirements for political ads in the EU ahead of the election scheduled for the spring him. Its latest effort to fight misinformation on his platforms millions of people in twenty seven e you member countries was to vote in may for seven hundred lawmakers in the blocks parliament..

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