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Storytelling it's reading and that saddam life is something that i love to do and it's a passion and it's cool that i may will to kind of combine the two and and people enjoy it if you've ever watched teen movie from the eighties you'll notice a lot of stereotypes about athletes jocks are always jerseys letter jackets they only care about the big game the next game how dated is that stereotype oh i think it's really dated now i think that athletes want to be well rounded people and you know your career only lasts a long and after that you have to figure out what you wanna do with the rest of your life so i think that it's important for athletes six four all avenues of of their life and all passions that they have and not to be just one side of you gotta be a multifaceted person and i think that that's a really important tell me about the hymen hustle what is that how did it become a thing it's a hashtag i think so i mean i don't know who made it up but it's just i think it it just makes to how i play i every time i get on the ice i i wanna give a hundred percent that's kind of been something that my parents have taught me from when i was a little kid that's been a messages if you're ever gonna do anything life you know go and give a hundred percent and if it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out but if you give a hundred percent you don't have to you have no questions to ask yourself and that's what i do on the ice i tried it every game just giving my all and i mean i'm i'm the hometown kid playing in my hometown from hometown team and it's a surreal feeling it's a privilege to play here and every time i saw on the ice i wanna i wanna make the team proud and i wanna make the fans proud and i know that growing up your father was like an impressario for for minor league hockey and i i'd read that you'd said that people didn't give you enough credit they were like.

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