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Give it to amber moon. She had a match on Monday night raw. And honestly, this is for like the totality of her work since she's been on Monday night raw, she steadily been improving. She's racked up mostly wind. I think she had one loss. To Sarah Logan. But beyond that and for the most part, you know, she's been winning. She's been improving. She's been having good matches every Monday night and she had always for whatever reason just missed out on the black power rankings. But after this, when looking for looking at everything she's done, I gotta give the number three spot this week. And the number two you called. It was Bobby Lashley because. His feud and the series with Roman, which seems to be. Over for the time being has made me eat my words. I said a few months ago not interested in. I'm not enjoying the return that he can't go in the ring that he needs to go away in the Mike. And it seems to me that he's improved all of those areas in his feud with Roman and I, I'm not gonna give Rome in the credit because he still has execute his his part of the deal. But he did not want to take my hat to Bobby Lashley for for making me eat my words. And in a number one, the new day on smackdown li- like I said, they have an attack team title tournament. And the new day went up against sandy, and they got that victory against sanity to go into the tactique to the next round detecting tournament. We don't know if they're going to face the bar or the use os yet that match is set for next week. But I mean the new has history with both of those teams as the bar that broke their, their record that ended their record-breaking tire, title rain on. They had that incredible series with last year. So either one of these teams as going to be a goody, whoever they end up facing. So for what they did on Tuesday for what's to come new day has to sit up top of the black power rankings this week..

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