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I still i feel that way about playing david duke or i kind of play like a jack dorsey type of character and black mirror whereas i think i can do <hes> the i've amassed enough goodwill. That's what a sitcom sitcom. Do you know anything about like ritchie cunningham or chandler. You know it's like it's hard to see these people as bad guys so to play him. It really challenges audience's <hes> and i remember that was because i we'd grow our hair out for seven show and that's the first one traffic that i cut my hair short for and i didn't even like people even know is in it like like i was at the golden. Globes and people were saying like good job. The rest of the cast and i didn't know i was in the film and i was i. I was bombed and then i realized oh no. This is good to have have kind of two separate. Yes still you know. I love doing <hes> black klansman and i just did a comedy that jon stewart's directing. It's much more of a comedy and i love. I love that that's interesting that you think that the people are so attached to that seventy show that you can play awful characters awful. People and people will not hold it against you the same way well. I worked with ron howard once and i was like this guy he's the greatest and he is the greatest his greatest human and the nicest guy but also like you know he was. He was ritchie cunningham. He's like he's imbued walks in the room and you give them so much like this must be a nice guy. I think it really messes with the audience in a fun way. When especially playing david duke people were like okay. How do i feel about this. So what about interstellar what about it i i didn't. I didn't like it there on the second watching you liked it. The first thing i did i did i can walk once. You're good now all right so don't watch it again. No we're. We're good. That's the interstellar talk. Don't watch the second time what happened to the second. I don't know i thought it was kind of cheesy. I just had something happen. I love christopher nolan. I love the christopher nolan batmans but iraq trek something about that. I don't know we don't watch second time. You find <hes> explain to two idiots. What exactly is cons or cans or whatever the fuck you call it it okay okay. I didn't know until i went the first time it was giving us cans. Wanna one can can one on one. It's like a can of coca cola be relatable to us. Guys know a little bit more down the road natty light. Yeah yeah exactly yeah got it. I didn't i never been. I thought it was like really hoity toity. I'd kind of see people over there. I'd say what is the big deal and then if you we're gonna try to be one of the leads of a movie has received that well okay i heard is it was the most unbelievable it was. What i thought hollywood was going to be like when i was a kid. I went to planet hollywood or or like disneyworld or something. I was like oh hollywood's probably so much fun and then you learn sadly..

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