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Six twelve it is Joel Riley, NewsRadio sixteen W T V national statistics FBI. They report that hate crimes were up seventeen percent last year compared to two thousand sixteen of hate crimes being reported. Fifty nine point six percent based on race, ethnicity or ancestry. They say just under twenty one percent based on sexual orientation one point nine percent, gender identity in about a half a percent on gender anti Jewish hate crimes making up. Fifty eight percent of those based on religion while eighteen percent, plus targeted as Muslims acting attorney general math Redeker said in a statement of the report, quote is a call to action, and we will heed that call. And it's interesting to you know, when you talk about hate crimes. You know, there's a lot of people that will kind of work their way through that. It's kind of a designation that they're in some instances doesn't make sense. Like, you know, the big story in Ohio. The pike county murders. Right. And you know to say that doesn't qualify as a hate crime is kind of weird because you know, you have to families clearly at odds, and well one of them I mean, other than a couple of very small children were virtually eradicated. So we know there were four arrested yesterday the murder of eight family members seventy and a teenage boy prosecutor suggesting the killings stemmed from a custody dispute. Ohio G, Mike dewine said the four suspects had carefully planned the murders for months, those indicted twenty six year old Edward Jake Wagner. His dead Forty-seven-year-old, George Billy Wagner, Billy's wife, Angela and Twenty-seven-year-old George Wagner, and apparently AG dewine is going for the death penalty. If they're convicted they could face that the eight victims found shot in the head four separate homes. They were Jake Wagner's nineteen year old former girlfriend Hannah who shared custody of their daughter and her parents siblings and other relatives Rodin's Deos daughter, another baby and young children were unharmed. A lawyer for the Wagner's yesterday said they're innocent. So again, that's you know, we're going to be a long time. Seeing how it all plays out. But the arrests are done, and that's been it's about thirty months of investigation until they were able actually make that interesting to know, there was very ideas floated out there. One of which I remember hearing had to do with dewine knew who the murderers were and that they were hiding out. I think in Alaska. And he was just hanging onto it. In case he needed some help over the hump getting the governor's job. So it appears that did not bear out at all. In any way. So again, it's one of those things cases like that. Because they're so unreal. I mean, you can remember early on in that people were talking about, you know, must have been a mafia hit or something to do with drugs. Maybe a cartel. They weren't playing nice. And so they just came in and methodically. Boom, boom, boom took care of him as a sign that if you're going to work with us, you better do what we say. This is going happen to you. So. Apparently, you know, and again at this bears out Mike dewine seems to think that they've painstakingly going to be able to prove it was a custody dispute between two families. So it's just it's hard to imagine hard to imagine hard to imagine what's going on in California to my gosh, fires continue to burn. I mean, there was a little, you know, a brushfire that kicked up at burn like three hundred acres like so fast. So they're still dealing with the big ones the Wolsey fire in southern California the camp fire in northern California. But death toll continues to rise it has to do with orgies being able to get in burned out areas like in paradise some of the notable cities, and then finding bodies from people that just did not get out of their houses word this morning is our about thirty five percent contained. We know interior secretary. Ryan zinc's is scheduled a trip to Asia has been canceled. He's going to visit the fire zones today and tomorrow. And yesterday, we told you that you know, some of the local utilities were investigating. Maybe were they the 'cause already now people have sued Pacific Gas and electric they accused the utility of negligence and blaming it for causing the fire officials haven't determined the cause of the blaze, but PG, and he told state regulators last week it experienced a problem on a transmission line in the area, and that's right near where the fire broke out a person who owns land near that says that they notified PG and E the day before the fire began crews needed to come onto a property because she said transmission lines were sparking. So again, if they can document that and you know show that that led legitimately happen. It's going to be pretty hard for them to prove. I think that they are not at fault, and you know, with all the bad loss of human life loss of. You know, human property housing. All that stuff. There's always these stories that just kind of pop up the one story you remember Alan Pierce. Nurse. Drove his truck through fires back to his post where he and countless others assisted those left behind in paradise, California. You might remember seeing pictures of his Toyota tundra pickup truck. I mean is it was a white truck. But I mean, it's just charred the outside of it. And you look at that thinking first off who does that who drives through that kind of condition? And then the fact that the things still runs you're like holy mackerel. That's pretty cool. Well, Toyota, solid. And they thought you know, what this this guy is very deserving. So they say for his bravery and saving the lives of two others. Are they're going to replace the truck with a brand new one. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. So you know, again where there is a devastation. There are always bright spots. If you look for them. And that is certainly one of them. They're so well done nurse, Allen and well-done Toyota. We know today HBO has dropped a new teaser for the game of thrones final season now in the trainer. No new footage to don't get to geeked about that. Like, no tells it's it's the same stuff, but it does show along wintry road and the show's estimated time of arrival, which is April next year. And at this point, we know season eight's going to consist of six episodes. So the binge won't be quite as long as you might have thought traffic and weather here in a couple of quick minutes mentioned this earlier. Of cell phones. And if you have teenagers you border on addiction, you think my gosh, do they ever go anywhere without the bone. Well for the most part, no, the answer's no and even people older than teenagers. So attachment maybe addiction smartphones report this morning is that. Yeah, it is getting stronger than ever new survey finds Americans look at their phones in average of fifty two times a day. That's up six percent from last year. And honestly, I'm surprised the numbers that small I thought we'd be way more Deloitte's twenty eighteen global mobile. Consumer survey. It finds that thirty nine percent of US consumers. Thank they use their phones. Too much that rises to sixty percent among eighteen to thirty four year olds nearly two thirds of consumer saying they're trying to limit smartphone use. But just thirty two percent say they are actually succeeding. So you're not alone. If you're looking you're looking at it right now, there's a lot of people that are right with you. Just don't do it in traffic. That's one of the I mean, it's still it just drives me up a wall. And I'm on six seventy two seventy if you see anybody that's kind of just get the tires right on the dotted white lines or the outside yellow, whatever I guarantee if you pull up and pass they're looking at their phone happens almost every time. Well, I don't know the I can do all that. And then say, hey, you gotta use your phone to win cash, but I'm gonna because that's what we got coming up here at six thirty. It's another grand in your hand a day full of winning, and it could be a thousand dollars for you. So get set ten minutes away. It's another grand in your hand. It's powered by favorite heating and cooling here on NewsRadio. Oh, six ten WTVN. Yes. Okay. He was looking at his phone. He forgot the the, bud. All right, traffic, and weather. Now, we do it every ten minutes on the tens it's from TempStar heating and cooling problem. You were talking about Tom, right? Well, yeah, he's the one that blew it. And we don't expect time to blow it much. He's almost like a robot. Almo and that he rarely makes mistakes. I just don't want him taking my job to took the producers job what's going to do. I mean, I think he's okay pushing buttons. I just don't think he likes.

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