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And another person named logan solve the guy berating the cashier because of the fact he didn't feel like it had enough peaches in it so he stepped in to try to stop it but the crazy guy that was complaining about the peach cobbler man grabbed a gun from his truck and started shooting a while over cobbler over cobbler this is the good samaritan that tried to step in take a listen to start cuzner out on the counter i looked over at her house like the yangon everybody that goes to the store noses store knows these women you don't you don't i mean that's dish bank from always going to do is arguing over so pages you want to shoot at me over some pages run over the car and shot again was that dumpster one hundred percent yes ma'am and this is ridiculous he's he's let's go hand in hand when he started now counter i love so real so real just for that for those of you you me over peaches for up north we call any soft drink a coke yeah you yeah it's a pop we're going but it probably was like really a coke i said it down on the counter let's go with him hands great thing led to another y'all have a bunch of cobblers laying out the you peach or you d you go blackberry or blueberry or apple apple mass my first reach i liked the berries i'll blackberry blueberry all day i'm with you i'm not gonna turn peach down don't get me wrong but i'm going apple probably bury then pizza i'm apple to especially deep this no what were the deep dish oh little ice cream mona streams pretty good too it is that was in red banks mississippi mars that ashby red banks mississippi i'm having to look at it right now for some reason i don't know it's on the banks we do then we'll discuss your from mississippi i'll probably should not really no you should not in south mississippi you don't you know oh i don't know where oh that's extreme northwest mississippi it looks like those hands above oxford he was drunk okay everybody's which one really i haven't had never mississippi i love that guy going peaches pages serious pay people are crazy out there you don't ever know who.

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