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In the end soon i don't mind once a year at madison square garden it's pretty cool uh but you know brooklyn's pretty pretty stack them would you want me to say man i'm way over here that's way over there i want the fight here but guess we had a good run as it was in meat even anaheim in la that just will they get good cards they just fall through yeah yeah the west coast jinxed what are they gonna go back to oakland too i don't think pebbles anderson in jail jail or sacramento me northern cal i gotta give it up for those guys the um the support of a man there's light athletes a come from there so there are a lot yeah could get their fix the premium it's tough to house chicago what's up how are you doing hey guys when it's not about stephen roach it you know uh you know a lot of a lot of things that all the un uh everybody was on a gun you or or a lotta people were do you i think uh i don't know it's just seems like a lot of fans know how very quick to get on the prospect and feed the veteran a little keep quickly you know what i mean um even as bright but uh i think you could that the throwback player banned like i don't know wanted more people aren't singing his praises like people are some friends or may fence who just like all awash can't get it get it out or what i saw these you're gonna get him now and i understand why they wanted to see if they lose your immune the guys uh excellent fighter and i also think anybody's ever asked them but i think the reason he stays at fire department aside from his loyalty.

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