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If they go running back well, I'll tell you this terrible. It would be terrible. There's there's a possibility later on here in this first round that we see one of the teams whether it be the Buffalo bills. That's functionally potentially snatched up and buffalo doesn't that's fine because they have a complete roster. The keys a little bit more extra help on defense, but I'll trust Sean McDermott. I agree. The Buffalo takes a running back. That's fine because they don't have a lot of other needs. And you could add an explosive weapon similar to what Kansas City did last year. When they got Clyde Edwards alert. You have a roster that's ready and can city case They already won bills in the A F C championship game ah, year ago where they did lose to the Chiefs. So a team like Buffalo makes sense. Steelers also could be play and play for running back. They need it if you're bringing back big bed, but they also need an offensive lineman helped, too, because that offensive line is totally different than what we saw last year. Yeah, No. Well, Ben Rafel is Burger man. Ask his elbow, ask his knees what they need he needs. He needs protection. Like you said. He needs someone to hand the ball off, too, so he doesn't have to throw it around 50 times a game. So Yeah, there's there's value in the running back late in the case of the New York Jets, who are up here on the clock. This is ah, This is a new regime. This is a new head coach. You you, You have no idea what they're going to do. They could go anywhere. It's almost a crapshoot. And we don't know exactly what the details were What the Jets have to give up to get to 14. But entering tonight they had 13 picks. In the first three rounds of the next three drafts, and they had five first round picks in the next three years. One of the Marty used on Zach Wilson, We'll see what happens in two first round picks this year what the Jets end up doing at 14, but this has got to be. I know that you don't want to count your chickens before they hatch and you have been someone that you've been your heart's been broken for so many years. But I'm kind of I'm not telling the Jets are definitely moving in the right direction. But I'm seeing a plan here, which I did not see under Adam Gaze. You have solid who wanted to be there didn't have take the job could went elsewhere. You also now have Joe Douglas. That's the biggest piece in solving this puzzle because he's in control of all these draft picks. Last You got backed in last you got Denzel Memes mother in that, you know nothing else to grate. It boils down to competent management. It bulls down to respect It doesn't matter what team it is. You think about the people who are running it at the top. You could think about an owner just all across sports. People don't necessarily look at the Johnson family, and in high regard, I can go to another team. You know Robert Sarver with the Phoenix Suns. People don't look at him in high regard. But you think about the talent that you have out there. You think about the management that helps get it into a solid space and Robert Sala is one of the most respected and has been one of the most respected coaches in the league here for years, and what the New York Jets have needed. Is someone who can be respected. Adam Gates was just a joke. And so now you have quite the opposite. You have two men and Douglas and Sala who are respected, and that follows along with the players. You can think about New York as well. I mean, you got a coach of the New York Knicks right now who people actually respect. So here in the NFL? Without actually cracking heads and skulls. That goes a long way. I got the details for you wanna hear him? Shoot. All right, so the Jets ended up getting the 14th pick. They also got 1/5 round pick back Minnesota got the 23rd overall pick which belonged to the Jets. That was their 2nd 1st round pick of the draft. And the Jets also had to give up to third round picks to Minnesota. So you have a lot of draft capital. It's clearly someone that they love here at 14 that thought that they that they were going to get off the board and let's find out who the Jets were taken right now. The Minnesota Vikings have traded the 14th pick to the New York Jets with the 14th pick in the 2021 NFL draft. The New York Jets Select Elijah Vera Tucker guard. USC.

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