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But what I'm getting at is you have this way of uncovering in these interviews, some of the most important information that we can all learn from. How did you become such a great interviewer, like, where does it come from his that a skill that we can all learn, or is that unique to you? I hired somebody to watch my interviews. I'll tell you like, I didn't know that where this came from and I actually for a long time was beating myself up for the reason that this worked. I didn't. I thought it was a flaw mine. I hired someone to lis- to go through the transcripts of each week's interview and give me feedback point by point, and I created this Google doc of all the things that I learned from him at one point. I, I'm just so tired of it. I'm just so tired. He goes, what are you? Tired of, I, I'm so tired of being vulnerable guy every other interviewers, just like the build up your reputation by being someone bigger and look at this in the transcript. I talk about like how I can't figure it out. I don't have the answer. Nobody aspires to put someone like that on their wall the way that I put Sumner Redstone on my wall, I'm tired of being that guy and look in comparison. The person who I'm interviewing gets to be the hero, and I'm the person who so flawed. Why do I have to be such a flawed wimp all the time in these interviews? And he said, gimme him in. It said, I just like poured my heart out. You need a minute. Can you just say something's give me a minute? They just kept going through the transcript. I was one of the things that I disliked about him was he didn't do his homework. He didn't go and read the transcript ahead of time, but at least he was a fast reader who can go through every transcript superfast on the call, and he said, scroll down a little bit. So you know, in Google docs, if you click on someone's face, you can go to where their mouse is. So I did that and he goes, you see, this says you up there in the transcript. You real vulnerability and the guest responded by being strong. But notice how later on the guest went and got Boehner -able the guest went in and started to talk about themselves in started just say, things that they wouldn't say. Otherwise. He said, if you're expecting that because you're vulnerable immediately, someone's going to tell you the truth of who they are, that they don't wanna share with anyone. You're wrong. It's not going to happen that way. But if you give it time, you're creating the atmosphere where people can really be themselves and get on Rable. And so. The answer is that that I just really want to get to know the entrepreneur really wanna get to know beyond the BS. I really do admire the people who I have on. And I think that by being Boehner -able I get to do that. And the start of the podcast was this post that I did, and anyone can see mix or dot com slash, I dash failed. Like failed where I said, I, I poured money into this invitation site and it didn't work, and I admit failure and I've got to close it down. So I can just start fresh and I'm just going to interview people to understand how to never fail like this again. And that was the mission to see what they're really doing. Interview you remember the very first interview was a guy named Michael arou- who happened to come to an event that I did, and he was a chiropractor who is just killing it in SEO and the SEO world people knew about him back when people didn't even care that that search engine optimization SEO was thing. And I said, if everyone knew who was coming to my events because I was organizing events using my invitation software, they wanna come to my, they'd want organize events. They wanna get to know people. So I interviewed him. I liked it and then I just kept interviewing other people. The one that turned me though was. After this collection of software companies, I created an online invitation and Email marketing company. We got to over twenty million Email addresses. We were doing about four hundred thousand online invitations a day..

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