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It's really cool actually and like I say it's totally free on all all platforms play against each other so if you're on the PC and your friends are on the playstation you can call them up on your friends list and you play with each other is no I said to you. It's not like the old days where it's like playstation This no it on all is on all of the things like it's on. It's an all thing. Well it's actually on the xbox the playstation and the PC at its cross play between them. So you know there's none of that. Well got a friend who'd like to play college. Who have maybe. He's only got an xbox and I can't play with them. I love that that you can do that. Like I have a friend squeaky. He has an xbox. I play on the PC and there's a lot of times where he says such thing and I go. Yeah and he'll go on. I WANNA play and I'd be like well I'm you. He's just on Xbox so we can't play with as you come play and you don't have to pay for either so I like it. It's very very cool. I can tell daddy warzone is cold and you could tell it straight the other thing I wanted to mention is. There's some really awesome. Tv At the moment. I just wanted to highlight some of it. The outsider that we just watched it's over is over but how good HBO show. We know. It's over now you can go and watch all ten episodes. Hbo In fact maybe even say it's perfect or anything because I'm not a hundred percent barred with the full resolution but I get it and it fits the whole show so I wasn't based on the really satisfied by feel like the characters in the story was satisfied. So that's what matters. I really enjoyed it a lot of. I think it was like I said to you if you like true. Detective that kind of grim detectives another show people might not have heard is another also not like detective the comic? No but I do. The outside is based on the Stephen King. Show novel. It was really tenpy so much at all. No that's goal saw always always good every single and I'm not breaking bad person. I never really watched it. I think I watched maybe the last couple of seasons with you. But I don't even remember. Watkins is I kind of popped in and out as you were watching it so but this and I was like really they're gonNa make thing EVATT 'cause I wasn't even that into it. I love this show. Best recall souls the precursor breaking by If people don't know true I now know that detail yes really. Good quality is like every weakest quality performances Quality Story Quirky in interesting under scripting Jimi Jimi was. His name is just a great character. Kim Wexler is probably Oh yeah. She's one of the best TV characters. I think I like her. So yeah that also less on. Amc is at the moment is one that we're like we had on the walking dead. Sometimes you're you say weird why because I did. I say last night before starting all I'll explain my thing we can't say anything about it though. It's not fair no. I enjoy walking dead. We too weak and we watch Paul of walking dead faith walking. I'm walking and you read the comic and I don't right and I can say about the show is i. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes it's really dull and then I'll enjoy it again and then it's a bit Dole. It's inconsistent right. Yeah it's very bad storytelling. It's like it's it can change week-to-week 'em it's still not good storytelling. But there are things that they do that I'm like okay. Okay anyway I'm still I'm Zombie file. loves anything Zombie Related. So I'm on board anyway. I just feel like it's run. Its course and it's like an it's been said about it before. It's like a soap opera with zombies like it's all about the people and their relationships and the choices they're making and I couldn't give a shit. I only want to care about the World Post Zombie Apocalypse. I want to know about the cities and the cures and the people who are immune to it and the different kinds of zombies. There have to be more than one and this show doesn't do any of that but we got to see this week's episode slightly early and I think you really enjoyed last night's episode lost this week. You know they'll say anything. I'm not saying anything but it was. Sometimes you say things that are very good to is all right. Yeah so yeah. The show is very inconsistent. Sometimes I prefer fit the walking dead. But then they've kind of the same now to me so they've leveled off in terms of actual storytelling. They're not digging deeper. There is moving around telling the same story. This time. We're up again. One big thing Rogin GonNa have to come together in resolve this thing l. Look we resolve this thing and we turned around. And there's another thing there's always a thing though that's the thing that's the thing and then last on the TV tomorrow night is season. Three of Westworld. Good yet we haven't seen it. I just westworld in the movies. Even I'm into Westworld you are but that doesn't mean it's going to be good season three of season one and two great. You know what I'm GONNA do Before we watched season three tomorrow night. I'm going to hold up a youtube video for both to watch with the recap all I saw one. That was like recapping all of Westworld in five minutes like both seasons so you can just blitzed that through and then go okay. 'cause it's been a while. Isn't it since it was on during you know my brain? Yeah ain't GonNa hold even though that was called West what you like Westworld. Is that the one.

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