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And I don't have to work 40 to 50 hours anymore. It's absolutely amazing opportunity. You need to check this out. If you're looking for a plan B If you're looking to make $505,000 a day, this is the opportunity you call eight a 6468787. And like I said, you get to test drive the Ferrari for free. You get to get behind the wheel and and again. That number is 8886468787 were the trading group show We'll be right back. Portions of the following program will be recorded. From ABC News Tech trends about like stone. It's almost Halloween time. And if you're wondering what costumes were expected to be big hits this year, Google's got you covered. Google's Molly Vandenberg says. They've pulled together the most searched Halloween costumes this year, and it appears retro costumes are hot. I really like to say that this is another example of everything old being new again. We're seeing Tober tie be a top trending costume. And so of course, that's the reboot of the karate kid a galaxy far, far away. Way is getting some attention to Amanda Lorient, another popular wine, which not only comes up in the top trending costume, but also in the top trending baby talk to because of court. Baby Yoda is still very much a popular top. And if you have young kids you might want to invest in a broom, which is themselves have appeared a couple of times in the list of trending costumes for kids. You have hopes Focus, But we also have Glinda and which in general with tech trends about like stone, ABC Nair's balance of Nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One life at a time. I've always been sick, my whole life, You know, if the cold going around I got it. Please go around. I got it. Since I've been on the product. It's been like 56 years. I haven't been sick period. I don't get cold. I don't get the flu. I start to feel something coming on. I just start taking a few more each day. And then yeah, and then it goes away. And then that's that. I tell everybody about.

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