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Soccer, Julio Jones, Barry Sanders discussed on The Hoop Collective


You know i'm not a big soccer fan i knew you and i have a mutual friend who's a soccer not but uh and which i gather from people who watch it people who are soccer fans feel the same way but of all the major sports and in you know specially professionally bass boats the sport where the roth lettuces them of the individuals is surpasses everything else that i mean you get a little bit of this with you know julio jones's or barry sanders and football uh but that's the only equivalent i can think of in major sports pro were college where the athleticism is is anything approaching what you get from you know lebron james russell westbrook or yet and i i agree with you in it's always been a riddle to me that given that the nba's and more popular than it is relative to the nfl or or baseball because which leads me to my conclusion which wiz sid actually a lot of american sports fans don't care about the criticism they want to its in group out group and nfl foster's reiter aside from the gambling and other things that that the enable has going board and it allows for just greater intensity of fan them but i also think it is basketball's a little less tribal on the you have the celtics laker thing but even that generation of one of the fascinating things as a guy in his early forties to watch is just how not look you have your local bands in the kids and no rivalry of atr but rod not only rival is don't matter i know so many doggett nba fans that don't have a specific team and i don't know that that's the case in footballer baseball i'm amazed at just how kind of ecu medical or hey i'm just looking for the best game or i like i like russ yeah i don't care about the thunder i just want to see rugby russ uh or switching loyalties with the era and it's not based on hate right like i can i can now nfl because i hate the cowboys and like you know i want us in cowboys lose and so there's there's a certain interest in watching the nfl just because i can see that can watch the cowboys.

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