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The latest on how Copan 19 is impacting business in the economy, then stay in touch with marketplace Minute Ah podcast and Smart Speaker briefing updated three times daily. I'm nervous, awful with the marketplace minute, the nation's gross domestic product contracted by an annualized rate of nearly 40 profits doubled to more than a counselor to thirds of the US economy and commerce. Just ask you're smart speaker to play the marketplace minute. You can also listen on apple or wherever you get your podcasts. And we are back 1 807 37247 forgotten email from Tom. And he says, What do you think about composite decking? I need to replace my 26 year old redwood deck. Here in Reno, Nevada. Now Reno, Nevada in the summertime gets up into the hundreds, and in the winter time it snows so all weather conditions apply. In that area. And so Tom wanted to know how we felt about composite decking. So here's what I wrote back to him. Thanks for your question. Hope you're doing well. In this pandemic environment we feel that compost decking. Isas good as any other choice, And the truth is, that's how we feel. I think that there are certain segment of folks Who want to use composite decking because they feel it's going to be better than wood. I said. However, if you're going to be walking on this decking with your bare feet You should be very, very careful because plastic gets really hot. So my advice to Tom, who lives in one of the hottest states in the union. He is. Are you going to be walking on this deck? Barefoot auras anyone? Because if you're going to use composite or any kind of synthetic decking It absorbs and holds the heat like crazy. And if you're walking on wood You're walking on a surface that reflects the heat and doesn't get as hot as the plastic. So I told him. I said if I were you Where you live. You might want to look at a wood called E Pay, which we feel is a fantastic decking material that really lasts a long time and ah, if Red wood decking lasted 26 years. For Tom, then pay would last 46 years. It really is a good, hard, solid, dense, long lasting weatherproof wood, and it's beautiful and it is gorgeous. And so what's your tipple modeling? Babe? My tip is, you know there's a lot of people using humidifiers right now. One of the things you should be doing always is using. Distilled water, because if you're using regular tap water you can actually cause a calcium buildup on your furnace filter really, and the furnace filter will look clean because the calcium is white. But It will look clean when it's actually all clogged up. So distilled water up using tap water. You guys got another tip for me or Ah, you know, I do. We are experiencing really, really hot weather. If you've got a piece of furniture sitting in front of and blocking your cold air return you are causing your h B s. Is this um, really work? Hard work, too. I have to tell you about the it's called Actually, the what Everybody calls. It is a cold air return, but whatever what it actually is. Is a return Air grill right because the temperature of what it returns to the furnace changes with the season. Sometimes it's cold air, and sometimes it's warm here, right? So the return air Port. Is sized to match. All of the inlets together. And if even part of it is obstructed. Then the air won't flow properly and your furnace motor will really, really have to work hard. And not to mention your furniture will get filthy.

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