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About Beautiful sunrise and waken laugh until Thursday, when the high will only be 58 but get 70 the next couple of days. Good morning at 7 11 on Tuesday, October 13 Ah, this is what drives you crazy When you hear all these studies in the news about your health I mean, just pick your study. Not too long ago, There was a study done by Duke University about those neck gators, and that study found that neck gators. May make infectious droplets spread more easily. Researchers in that study found that the the Gators may actually caused more infectious particles Tio enter the wearer's nose and mouth. Rendering them counterproductive. But now there's new research that says Neck Gators work Justus well as masks at stopping the spread of covert 19. Researchers at Virginia Tech found that the roll up face care blocked 100% of large particles from another person sneeze or cough. The protective wear also trapped up to 90% of large particles from escaping along with 50% of super fine particles. Roughly on par with cloth face masks. So who's scientists? Would you like to believe the ones at Duke or the ones at Virginia Tech? I don't know. I'll tell you something, though, at least when the weather gets colder around here. Maybe more people were masks. Even even the cove idiots who don't wantto wear a mask, no matter what. So we can hope for were very happy and proud this morning here on the show to welcome another brand new sponsor. And again our thanks to the sales department for working so hard in these difficult times today we're joined by the good folks at evening tides waterbeds..

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