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Matt that quick that put companies out of business. Yeah. It it it provided some companies an opportunity to make a night chunk of money into fight over who was a creative Marion. Very Kushner skittled. At the end of the day like it's not a very long term business model. No and the problem with the cannabis community is people are. PEOP- I mean. In the No, no, this is. Well like you said like one day, someone said this is just really good and it smells like skittles. So many call at that. And they rebranded, and then you know then just because the community sides it all of a sudden. They wanted we'd. This is like the GMO. Rush Man Jesus Christ. Can I please get some weed? That's not crossed with GMO. Or cookie one. Like garlic GM. well, maybe it's a southern Oregon thing we down here. Everything is crossed with garlic cookies everything. Everything is crossed with guard could get and I don't have a problem with that, but I'm just saying the only reason everything's crossed with the garlic cookies is because it became fad for a minute. And then everybody has across it. And it's like. I know that Guy d- Yet a blue star whatever he did that Jim across looked by her. It did. I love him. Oh, just tired of not familiar with that But or like yeah, a lot of cookies crosses everything. IS COOKIES DOWN here? Everything is either garlic cookies or One. I do like I don't know if you like orange. turps but I do like like Tropicana. I. Don't know if you've ever had that. y'All I'm not a fan of industry. I have piece that you're not you don't can't cannot stand them. Interesting orange, no oranges, okay, but I I actually don't know. Any orange turps I get a lime. And Lemon. A pine tall is what I get I don't. Orange for me. I smelled berry in orange stuff. So so it's either it's either going to be sweet, or it's going to be citrus and you're not getting. Orange in between. You're not getting the. Because for me, I mean I for me. It's like you know all. Hit at Tropicana cookies and it's just like taking a SIP Tropicana orange juice. That found out I wouldn't mind. But I've never had anything like that. People are GonNA think if out of loop now. No actually next time I'm coming up north next time I come up north. I'll hit you up. Dude. No bring in eight to see can. Try it out, but it's by. If you look at an I g Tropicana. The Person I. think that made the best trop like you say like what's interesting. Is you say why can? I could you know go out there and make my own crosses of things that are already out there, right? You can make your own shirt wedding cake. You can make your own. You know whatever. But in a lot of people have made Tropicana cookies, but own eye seeds. So if you look up an ide- o-9.

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