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And and and and and this sunshine today after the low clouds clear highs in the low to mid seventies at the beach low to mid eighties in the LA basin eighties to low nineties in the valley and it looks like summer is really going to be kicking in over the next few days can be warmer tomorrow by Friday highs in the mid seventies to eighty along the coast near ninety downtown and looking for nineties low hundreds in the valleys I'm sure Glazer nods Jason Bentley and morning becomes eclectic good morning Jason good morning sherry with that weather report sounds sounds good to me and he's like I am ready for July I'm ready from honest to goodness somewhere to kick in let's get it started okay thank you morning becomes eclectic up next on KC R. W. one I usually play and coming up later this morning excited to make available to a lucky listener a box at the Hollywood Bowl to catch the tally of love for Conde.

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