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Is this Bagna on. Your mental moment is happening. President trump was attending a rally in Battle Creek. Michigan was kind of a coincidence. The rally was scheduled before his impeachment vote was ever really set in stone own. What was not a coincidence? What was clear to everyone? As he walked on stage was that he would be speaking at the exact moment he was impeached. This was not a president waiting silently the White House. This was a president who wanted a fight. They want to do worse than that by the way by the way by the way. It doesn't really feel being impeached. Let's go to someone who's been talking to White House officials throughout this process Jonathan Karl. ABC's chief chief White House correspondent Jonathan. How did president trump view the developments of the last twenty four hours? Did you get a sense personally. My my sense is that the president has been occurring up for this fight. He did not want this moment to come clearly lesser on your legacy known it was a hoax. It's a hoax fat hoax. But as it became clear that he was going to be impeached. At the vote was inevitable. He switched which in two all out battle mode giant to impeach me from before Iran and he saw the in some ways he was winning. I think yes. There was the vote to impeach. Oh I think we have a vote coming in so we got every single. Republican voted for US wall not a single Republican defectors. We had it now so we have it in the Senate. They're doing a great job so I'm not worried I'm not worried in the Senate. It looks like not a single Republican senator will defect. So here's the way he described it. In battlecry depraved raved actions. Today crazy. Nancy Pelosi's House Democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark. Walk of shame. And I it really is. It's a disgrace. He said this impeachment vote was an eternal mark of shame. Not a mark of shame on his record. A mark of shame on the Democrats are moving forward with a purely partisan impeachment one even beyond the Senate trial then. Jonathan got the election in November. We've talked about how no OH president has ever won reelection after being impeached. But you can say he hates being impeached. All you want his campaign says they're just making a ton of money office at this point now that it is a done deal. The inevitable has happened. He is impeached. He's going looking forward to this Senate. They firmly believe And I believe the President President believes that as a as an electoral matters a political matter. It does not hurt him and most most likely helps him. Lawless partisan impeachment is a political suicide march for the Democrat Party. Have you seen my polls of the last four weeks fundraising has gone up his approval rating certainly not hurt which is a pretty amazing thing to look at to go through an impeachment process to be impeached and to emerge you know own basically where you were or perhaps a little bit stronger but you know we saw this with bill. Clinton Bill Clinton actually emerged politically stronger than he was before for. The Clinton could also lend a hand Al Gore and the Democrats lost that elections. One thing is for sure Battle Creek very appropriate venue for the president yesterday. giancarl thank you. Thank you next up on start here. We'll talk about what's next up for this whole process..

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