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This is can't with the legendary vocalist songwriter. Producer and handed bassist the irrepressible rosemary butler. I've known rose. Many years her with linda ronstadt brought us together and i was through design the kaaba for rosemary's latest album. Just watch me in a few moments. We will hear the stories behind a great work with bonnie raitt. Paul mccartney bob dylan rod stewart. Tina turner whitney houston. Rachel's them not even halfway through barry. Mind this stunning woman. Fronted her old go band an open for the rolling stones as a mezzo soprano with a full octave range. Rosemary is in constant demand. She joins me now on the counts with bundle tiles and hilarious anecdotes and it's all about collaborations with the greatest artists in rock jazz. Blues and soul. She is about to take us on. A journey between studios two of us is and backstage newly fascinated. Rosemary butler crafted her breathtaking vocals to great heights. She's a perfectionist. Withdrawal sense humor and you can tell from the clips skilfully woven into this podcast by jerry. Danielson the wizard in the virtual control room. I'm chatting with the renowned vocalist songwriter and producer the inimitable rosemary butler heroin of classic arm and his and rocking melodies. So now we all together on the virtual couch. His off his own gashi..

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