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For one. Hey hey yes shout out to don smith. Hey don good morning how are you. Thank you for all the stars. Don smith is star balling it. Hey girl thank you. Shoutout to w m dixon. Hey wm what's going on bro. Shot out to young. Hey young good morning. Shutout to stacey jackson still in their hasty see good morning. Good morning to you. And derek shut out to allen swab mcallister. Hey alad non shoutout to jeanette rodriguez janette. Are you a new listener. Welcome we appreciate you. where are you from. Where did you hear about the show chemical you. Jr shout out to paul petersen. Hey paul how are you was winning. I think paul's new all right. Well today welcome new listener. Welcome shout out to nicole harris hanukah. L- i know that name. It's an oldie but a good. He shutout unical. Shoutout to marcus. Mr one emoji johnson. Hey marquez what's going on. Shoutout out to lee scott heath. Hey tara lee. what's going on over there. The you don't don't forget we was outdated for his baby shower again. september third. or something's okay thompson flying seat before you know we gotta get ready. We're supposed to rent the chair for marketplace right. Okay and then. What do we need to get together. Sidney all right and just wanna make. We're ready shah to randy montgomery. Hey this clever ready. She's the building. She's their shot out to darren taylor. Hey darren how are you good to see you on sunday my friend. Thanks coming out man. You know you you got all that swag about yourself. Her now darren did you. He's having a challenge posted in the chat rooms in the group. And i said to him you know like i said. The other day looked at his phone and he was able to post upon approval but has heavy post anything to grew. Darren them group group rooms so we can know you doing so. We know you don't shout to dera. Jackson hates sarah. What's going on in the nyc streets today and where you eating at anytime. I look at your thing somewhere. Good shot out to shell's shampoo talk about monday's shells in his non monday. Shows you friday a lot of money out there. Let me see show. That's my guy. He always has his baby mama mad as hell at him. I wanna see when he drop off those babies nap. Fresh carved his and spanking white up towns and he got his go chain on and he picks up those babies and the baby bubba hale and that's Okay she's and that's all go. Keep those baby mothers mad as hell. Shoutout to shine campbell. Hey sharon good morning girls yes. Sharon's widows god bless you sharon siri shoutout out to mika love bog leo. Hey show me what's going on. What do you do with god. Bless her and the beautiful husband of us. Dutiful kids in that beautiful cat share the beautiful car. There's nothing ugly over there. I can't see that they don't they. Don't do that over there. I wanna love. Shimmy goes live me to show too short haven that go. What's going on girl. She my favorite. Now you still gotta say should be your favorite but you ride. It will be. That's how that is and then shot out to danny williams. Because i now just that girl. Hey dan yeah love. Her shot out shot hanes john's girl. Costa rica manuela. Shine you in that room of yours. I can't wait. You better shot at a thank. God you represent that. I i was responsible for having the sean hayes jones. Enter into your life. Lewis jones within your life because she was meant to meet me. How about that shot to whatever sat to the real sakina scott. Hey sakina with up without one twelve. Were these neighbors. Your eight no more. I've smoked that blunt oak sun. God yes d- low. She made a. She was a starbucks. Today she's got a hundred dollars. Thank you bill star ball. Let's go follow dealers. Lead shot to damage the rodriguez. Hey s what's going on girl. Yes i cannot wait to meet either. I'm going to squeeze you a whole damaris my friend from the bronx. Bs you're not. You're not going to sit there and twenty seven. Well we're doing not gonna sit there and snuggle up all my friends can't wait squeeze you tamra. She's awesome. That's my homegirl. Her aunt avis davis. Shot to avis. Denise that's mogonero as well stop claiming my friends. Avis loves me. She can't wait to me. love her too. I'm gonna. I'm just gonna get a whole new batch for you for you. We can have all the friends that sending has taken away from. Shawn's party meet me. Be our special. Thanks shoutout to sharon valla there. Hey sharon what's going on. How are you morning. shout out to diane hall. Diane haul. hay zion of veterans in in the group room. And we truly appreciate diane. And all she do for this group hit. Show shout out to natalie right. Hey natalie good morning. Natalie is a team player. London analysts natalie spending joint this crew viollis. Sean oliva believe in She left all pitiful radio alone that she she was in bondage. Just like the rest of them and then you was freed by your boy harvey. Okay so a. Don't forget that. In their natalie. That you boy harvey free jew from years and years iraq it. Years of years of boring radio because your your radio listener so now you on the podcast side and you see what it is the new friends. Tara god bless you. Sheriff says a woman who had multiple relationships one of the men died and she went to the funeral with the other side ones. I count plus shutout to tiny and that over in youtube. I know you over there girl. Hey girl good morning how are you. She's holding down over.

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