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From the great book Zorba the, Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis it's the story about a monkey climbs amounted in Greece with the chief character Zorba and, when they get to a certain point and, they're relaxing The priest. Tells Zorba a story about a woman he met in one of the villages she was. An outcast she was a widow, and for some reason that people look down upon her thinking that she was a loose woman so to speak The long and short of it. Is, the pre spent the night with. Her had sex with her probably, for the first time in his life, and, he. Told sober that when dawn came the following morning. He was closer to God then he had, ever been in his life well that's one way people find God I. Guess it's through transcendental experiences whether the experience. Be sexual through drugs music etc people see God in their own way every day some people say they stand on a shoreline listening. To the waves pound against. The shore and feel closer to God they, walk on a beach in a forest there's a. Famous song for many years ago about. Hearing the cry of. A newborn baby and knowing why you believe what you do that's the Frankie Laine song I don't know if you, know that one Some people go to church and. Enjoying a congregation they are. Better able to resume with the higher power I remember, when I was a little boy I asked about my grandfather who died long before I was born well the word. Came. Down that my grandfather was not a religious man that he didn't go to a temple to pray. Instead he said he could be out in nature. With his back to a tree and talk to God In many ways the same is true for me today He that walk. With Wiseman Shelby wise but. The companion of. Fools shell smart read proverbs thirteen twenty I don't know why I'm even reading this to you. Because I'm I'm so bored of the Russia collusion topic that I'd rather read from my. Own literature I read for you, from no, man, is an, island or any. Of the other chapters how about, this one, from, Isaiah your land strangers. Devour it and your presence does that, work for you today your land. Strangers. Devour at your presence And wherever you turn and you see violence in the streets it is the strangers. And their fellow travellers using these strangers devouring a nation is it not telling you that. Your nation is racist people don't, even belong, here, at telling, you is a. Racist nation people who invaded our, nation telling, us, it's a racist nation People who invaded this nation throwing feces that Amanda. Wants to open a deli and Bernal heights in Los Angeles So tell me who. The criminals are and tell, me what's actually going on because I know what's going on it's a communist revolution It's a communist revolution in its infancy and unless the democrat party. Gets control of the Fact the factions within its own organizations that are. From entering the state you will be caught up in it and, thrown to the wolves the Pelosi's will be thrown out of, their palaces by the mobs the Schumer's we ripped out of their homes by the mobs all of the top Democrats who pride themselves on. Being liberals must stand. Up to the left wing mobs who, have hijacked their own party this is not democracy This is anarchy and the anarchist, wing of the democrat party is now the driving force of, the democrat party they are the true fascists of our time they pose a threat a threat and a danger to everyone listening to this. Program and beyond that So let's take some calls on whatever topic you wanna talk about whether. If the the bums on the street the. Madness against Trump my statement that cooperation is not collusion how could you say the cooperation is collusion How could. You say that by reaching out to antagonist that's a bad thing. When we're taught by liberals are whole life, that we should talk to people we don't agree with have. Always been taught through the liberal author Dr That was. Supposed to talk to, people we don't get along, with the try to make peace isn't that the entire? Motorcycle Rhonda of liberalism. Which is peace not war so who was foaming at the mouth now calling..

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