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And weather first with the update, here's the king of all traffic. And we've got this new traffic bed that we wanted to start you off with here. Now, Chuck, and let's see how it fits in with the overall report. Here we go there's ladies and gentlemen. Barry white of the traffic world, Chuck Whitaker. If you're out early this morning. Taking eight ninety five south. It's a little slow after Donald street as you move into the tunnel tunnel notice. Eight ninety five ninety five is clear the fort McHenry tunnel. Beltway traffic easing into the morning ride. Accident near Northrop Grumman near the airport on one seventy after the rapid. I ninety five's the hottest day of my life to say this to you. There may be some road blockage there so be on the lookout for that. Chuck the love traffic, man. Talkradio six eighty walking up CBS walking walking up get up come on very white coat. My first my last. Everything. It's orgasmic radio here on W guarantees people just woke up and went what the hell is that? No vote on it by Email text us into which traffic, a you prefer the the love traffic, man or the tub, man. Of course, they may go hand in hand..

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