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Leaving a legacy what are some things you want to pass along to the next generation and again not just from a financial perspective but what about concepts what about values what about life lessons today we're gonna learn about a non profit that deals with some of these things that we want to pass along to our kids things that'll serve them well as they go through this adult in process and beyond actually things like serving others making a difference practicing optimism in developing grit and then we'll talk with a local camp that works on developing these things and other things with at risk kids who have some challenging life circumstances so today my first guest is Kevin Manson who is a local chapter president of the lake country optimist club welcome to the show Kevin thank you and thank you very much for having us this is a wonderful thing that the EA T. radio program does for for the community so thank you you're certainly welcome you are welcome what a great name for a club I mean who doesn't want to be part of something with optimistic in its title what was it about this club that interested you in and why did you decide to start a local chapter here in the lake country area well as a round about way I was a teacher for many years and during that the teaching process of of getting the most out of it kids I saw a need to teach grip and as time went on the the percentage of kids needing that correct was growing at a at a very large rate now there's plenty of kids out there that have tremendous grit and they're all good but they're still that segment that is needs more correct so I spent a lot of time doing that and is in there I saw success with it so instead of just reaching you know my class I wanted to expand it and get a lot more kids so I started a company called a building students trying to get funding with that and I was unsuccessful so I knew the optimist model was friends of the U. so I contacted their home office to join the optimist club in there wasn't one so the lake country or in the lake country area so two days later I started started the process and with the help of Verne Andrew and Diane but to second rose Schwartz which charted our club in March of this year wonderful well takes entrepreneurial people like yourself to get things started right you know we've got a step up in in him do something went instead of thinking somebody else is going to do it right yeah so developing great is a big part of the country optimist club but what what is the club's mission overall the club's mission is by providing hope in positive vision to the members of this club this club will bring out the best in our youth our members in our community so that's the overall mission statement for our optimist club it is an international organization and it started in nineteen eleven in buffalo New York international or national international international okay okay very large in the first started to help troubled boys and get him back you know get him on the right track right now the optimist club primarily is it supports the youth in that community it's also a customer service program but it's it's mainly its its function what we do in our community is going to help the youth in our community okay so helping the youth is the is the primary things are supporting the youth and I do and it's just we see a creed the optimist creed and I'm not gonna say it now but if you just Google optimist creed and just read that is maybe ten sentences you'll get a good idea of what our clubs about and you feel better about yourself after you read it to us okay why would have asked you to recite it but it's probably difficult hurts my memory but don't have a member okay well tell us then if the mission is to help the youth help help and support the youth that how do you accomplish that there's many programs that are if that are part of the act in this club one of them is an essay competition oratorical communication contest for the deaf and hard of hearing there's also non academic grants like golf basketball baseball now I'm there's the list goes on and on but the one thing that I do want to stress is that a while all these programs are available to every club we do have the unique ability to have what we want to do in our community so whatever the needs are in a certain community for whatever clicking of district there in our club there is area there in they can support whatever the needs are and in that community so so maybe an urban issue might be or an urban need might be different than a suburb in need correct yeah okay so it so what what we need so it might whole premise of starting this optimist club was to get a great program within within the schools that that I'm familiar with the rate right now in in my area so like country area in the lake country here yeah so that's totally country happens club kinda started but there's a whole bunch more that you know we want to do not just a great program and it's not just like my club for like the great program it's what we need as a community in the more members that we have to to get those programs out there the better so the service that our youth is going to be sure so now were you a teacher in the lake country area yes it is healthcare where did you teach at stone bring school okay all right and so it made sense then to start something out in the lake country area with the hopes of then replicating that another school districts correct we'll talk about that will that later but well I've heard great to find many ways but the one that I like best is actually an acronym that stands for Goths resilience integrity and tenacity I've also seen it good at listed as good riddance it's over I got it done and over now move on to the next thing right but I think the first acronym embodies a lot of what the optimist club is trying to share here so stay tuned we're going to hear how the lake country optimist club actually helps with this grid mission of cabins we will be right back my heart radio number.

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