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So used to keep one in my pocket and I would show it proudly share it. Instead of just talking I would read Fourteenth Amendment the First Amendment and So I had been keeping that that worship that worship sits in. Virginia Historical Societies A. Making a for Gina Section that is because I became a historic moment. So. Go ahead and so I just want to end that conversation. So that was the reason I had that constitution, my pocket I always kept it in my pocket. The original sentence in this speech was not I lend you my copy not at all it was. You have not read the Constitution of the United. States. If you read it, look for the word, liberty and equality protection of Loyd all that and that's that. So now we had in Philadelphia. The CAB has come to pick US uptake to the commission to the Convention and the last thing I put on his my coat. And We were told not to bring any keys or any metal things, and so I am checking Michael I feel bulging my court faulk at left side. And I see that the constitution is in my pocket Smell Vier. In the elevator getting the cab and I sit I said the law this constitution in my pocket and I'm making reference to have you read the United States Constitution. Why don't I put it out and say I would lend you my copy instead of saying. Read the Constitution of the United States. So she said, no, she always had been a balancing in in my life and she said, no, no, you cannot do this. Let's take permission for. So once we dare we will take permission, but in the meantime. Because I had put it out. She said your pulling it out upside down it really wouldn't mean much. Make sure we let's practice. In the. Around to that, we are in the cab and I am practicing Lewis this way or this way or. So. that's when idea came we got to. Green Room in the convention hall in the Basement, and we talked to the producer and a row of other people to help and all that because they take you to get familiar with the lights and flood noise and all of that. So you don't lose your composure and your senses when you face all of this. Outside. Upon the stage. So I asked him that is. In my pocket can ice instead of saying, I would like you to read the Constitution if United States. Why don't I just say I would gladly lend you my copy. and. So the producers standing there and he comes all the way appeared and he looks at. Me As. Ally the standing here. And he said Mr Khan you showed you gonNa do this I said yes. Do that. and. So that's smart smart smart producing area. He must have been so we have to wrap up but you mentioned that you live in Charlottesville. You saw what transpired there and what the president said in response to it. You've seen everything that's passed since the moment that you've made that speech. And yet you You said earlier that you're optimistic. About the future. And so I, WanNa ask you as we leave what about and you've been I we should point out you've been traveling around the country the last several months you've you've had contact with a lot of people what makes you so optimistic in in these very frayed times.

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